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Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Flying Saucer in Addison Celebrates 21 Years!

I hate to admit it, even to myself, how long I have been killing brain cells at the Saucer. Back in 1996, when the Flying Saucer opened, I was fresh out of college and a fledgling beer snob.  My idea of a craft beer was a Newcastle Brown Ale, or perhaps a Guinness; I had no idea that Belgium even had beer.  But the first time I passed through the doors, shortly after opening, and saw the jaw dropping array of beers being served it was like an epiphany. "Holy crap", I thought to myself, "There must be a hundred beers here! My new goal in life is to try them all"!  In retrospect, I should have recognized that was an impossible goal due to the ever changing line-up, but my incredibly stubborn nature has me still reading that list and ordering something new.

Now to be completely honest, the beer available in those days was quite a bit different than those being offered these days.  As that the craft beer movement was still in it's infancy,  the majority of the beers being served at the Saucer were corporate beers, and imports, of course. That's not to say that there was not any craft beer in the DFW area.  Hoffbrau, Yegua Creek, Rock Bottom, Routh Street Brewing, Copper Tank Brewing (which won several medals at the GABF) and several others were cranking out some great suds.  And the Snobs were there.  But none of these quality brewers had what we really wanted .... selection. Quantities of beer were more important to us in those days than quality, which was (and still is the problem here in north Texas) why the Saucer came into existence.  All of those fine breweries are now just footnotes in our collective history and fading memories of good times enjoyed a generation ago. We are now enjoying a thriving craft beer scene in north Texas that follows along with the national trend, and many of these fine beers can be found at our favorite watering hole.

But the Flying Saucer was there. The ever changing flow of faces of the servers and the bartenders have changed, people that we always counted as friends, tour guides if you will, leading us along our journey of discovery, but the ambiance, the soul of the place, is still there.

So we invite you to join us this weekend in celebrating the 21st anniversary of the Flying Saucer in Addison.  Think back fondly of those days when you could still see your feet over that belly, or when your ass actually fit into those jeans. Sunday is an all day event with rare beer tappings, games and cake (with ice cream, of course).

The craft beer bubble will pop, sooner or later, but the Saucer will remain, and we will be there at the end of the bar.  Or just look up, we are enshrined up there with the other fans.  Cheers, Bon.

The Flying Saucer is located at: 14999 Montfort Drive, Dallas.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Unlawful Assembly Brewing at Legacy Hall in Plano

Legacy Hall Unveils Plans For Onsite Brewery And Taproom
Unlawful Assembly Brewing Co. to join massive dining and entertainment destination
 now under construction in Plano’s Legacy West complex

DALLAS (Feb. 14, 2017) – As if Legacy Hall could possibly get any cooler …

The massive European-style food hall now rising in Plano’s booming Legacy West development just announced another landmark addition: Unlawful Assembly Brewing Co.

Unlawful Assembly will feature a wide array of distinctive beers designed to pair with the diverse flavors showcased in Legacy Hall. By combining the highest-quality ingredients sourced from every corner of the globe with a desire to push the boundaries of craft brewing, Unlawful Assembly will become an agent of change for food, beverage and entertainment in the Plano/Frisco area.

“Like the name suggests, Unlawful Assembly won’t be afraid to break a few brewing rules, so we think it’s going to turn heads in North Texas as well as within the craft beer industry,” said Tim Timbs, Senior Vice President of B.S. (Brewery Stuff). “This cutting-edge brewery will brew, distribute and promote the highest quality, tastiest and most creative craft beers found anywhere. We are also very excited about the location. Having the brewery built on the top floor of Legacy Hall, in the most exciting development in North Texas, is a dream come true!”

The Unlawful Assembly team is also designing an eye-catching taproom within the brewery that will be an ideal destination for enjoying the sights and sounds of a working brewery while hanging out with friends.

The community-centric brewery will feature 6-8 premium beer styles year-round, along with a constantly rotating tap selection of highly creative, collaborative and seasonal beers. From the seasonal brews to session-able lagers to small-batch, barrel-aged experiments, every beer produced by Unlawful Assembly will be bold in flavor.

“Guests of Unlawful Assembly will be invited to discover entirely new beers to enjoy with the unique array of food stalls scattered throughout Legacy Hall,” said Brewmaster Tom Janik. “We’re bringing a rebellious spirit to this venture, so we won’t hesitate to use nontraditional ingredients in our beers, and we’ll be constantly pushing the envelope to explore unique flavor combinations. And because we’ll be rotating our taps on a regular basis, there will always be something new for our guests to discover.”

Tours and tastings will be offered at Unlawful Assembly, and the brewery’s taproom will be available for private events and parties.

Unlawful Assembly will open concurrently with Legacy Hall this fall.

Legacy Hall will span three stories, with roughly 55,000 square feet dedicated to the food hall. More than 20 innovative vendors will serve up an eclectic array of fast-casual, artisanal foods in food stalls on the first floor. The terrace on the second floor will overlook a large live music stage and beer garden, with Unlawful Assembly comprising the third floor.

Legacy Hall is the first of several projects envisioned for The Food Hall Company, founded by Randy DeWitt and Jack Gibbons, creators of such trend-setting concepts as Velvet Taco, Whiskey Cake, Ida Claire, Mexican Sugar and Sixty Vines.

For more information on Legacy Hall, which is located at 7800 Windrose Ave. in Plano, or to explore opportunities for partnering with The Food Hall Company in other markets, visit

About The Food Hall Company
The Food Hall Company is a subsidiary of Front Burner Restaurants. Since 1994, Front Burner has developed 14 unique restaurant concepts, including such trend-setting brands as Whiskey Cake, Mexican Sugar, Velvet Taco, Ida Claire, The Ranch at Las Colinas and Sixty Vines, and currently operates more than 90 successful restaurant locations. The Food Hall Company creates destinations in local communities to benefit aspiring restaurateurs, real estate developers and the most influential consumers alike.