Dallas has few diversions other than eating, drinking and shopping.....and shopping does not interest us.
So we spend our time hopping from restaurant to restaurant and to every pub that we can find in search of the perfect meal and the perfect beer.

We randomly review restaurants and bars, dishes and beers at whim and give our brutally honest opinions of our findings. And while we concentrate on Dallas, we travel far and wide to sample cuisine from all regions of the country and beyond.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Martin House Brewing's and the Toadies latest collaboration; Stars Above and Hell Below.

Martin House Brewing announces their new beer release that sounds quite interesting.  We can't wait to try them. Read the press release here:

Hell Below/Stars Above Cans 

Out Now!

Yesterday we debuted our newest collaboration with The Toadies. Thanks to everyone who came to 
Fort Worth and rocked out with us! Now you can 
enjoy Hell Below and Stars Above at your favorite
bar or pickup a 6-pack to go at your local craft beer 
Hell Below is a deceiving new brew that spawned from the depths of the dark mind of Head Brewer, Cody Martin. This strong black ale is brewed with black barley malts and Columbus hops. The malts gives it that pitch black appearance and a dark, ominous flavor.

Stars Above is a refreshing sour ale brewed with raspberries. It pours a nice hazy yellow with a slight purple hue. With just one sip of Stars Above, the sweet raspberry flavor will hit you right off the bat. That sweetness is balanced by the tartness that kicks on the back-end, culminating in the perfect summertime beer
Combine equal parts Hell Below and Stars Above to create the ultimate beer creation dubbed Purgatory.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Wild Acre Brewing, Fort Worth, Texas

The Snobs were invited to attend the launch event for the new Wild 
Acre Brewing opening soon in Fort Worth.  We asked our own St. 
Bernardus to attend and give his impressions of the new brews.

The number of craft breweries in Texas,especially the DFW area is
growing at a dizzying pace.  However, keeping track of this ever
expanding market was made a little easier this past Saturday
thanks to our friends at the Flying Saucer in Fort Worth, who
sponsored a launch party for the newly opened Wild Acre Brewing. 
The launch party featured their inaugural beer selection which is
made up of a nice cross section of different styles from light to dark. 
This included a wheat, an "indian" red ale and finally a stout, easily
accommodating the varying taste preferences among your local beer
snobs (as well as those who are just thirsty).

For this review, the first 
beer sampled was the 
Wild Acre Moonlight
Shine, an American 
Wheat Ale (5.7% abv). 
I found Moonlight 
Shine to be crisp,light, 
and refreshing, with 
subtle notes of citrus 
combined with bread 
giving it a flavor 
reminiscent of a Belgian style blonde (think Affligem). The finish is 
slightly hoppy leaving a mild bitter back, but not overly offensive.  
Moonlight Shine is a nice, fresh beer, perfect for the summer 
months,especially in the sweltering heat famous for Texas.  I 
understand that some minor retooling of the recipe is in the 
works with the expected results being a more pronounced 
vanilla aroma, but with little change in flavor from what I had.

Next up, Wild Acre 
Tarantula Hawk India 
Red Ale (6.5% abv) - 
Described as an “India 
Red Ale,” which as I 
understand, is more 
of a hybrid from your
traditional red ale. 
This beer is created 
from both Mosaic 
and Amarillo hops which account for both its reddish color and 
hoppy flavor with leanings more in the direction of what you 
would expect from an IPA rather than a Red Ale. While hoppy, 
it’s not in-your-face hoppy, and can be enjoyed by both hopheads 
and non-hopheads alike.  A nice balanced flavor that goes well 
with any occasion or food pairing.

For the finale I had 
the Soul Pleasure 
Southern Stout 
(6% abv) – When 
thinking of chocolate 
stouts, the first thing 
that usually comes to 
mind is abeer with a 
thick, heavy body and 
big flavor; a beer 
best suited for the 
cold winter months and enjoyed in a cozy, warm pub among 
friends. Soul Pleasure departs from that description a bit with 
a lighter, less turbid consistency yet imparting the subtle notes 
of chocolate and espresso you would expect to find in a chocolate 
stout.  The consistency reminds me of an Abita Turbo Dog, but 
with a more complex and refined flavor like that of say, Sam 
Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout. 

Their taproom and beer garden to open soon.  Finding Wild 
Acre Brewing should be easy enough, as they occupy some 5,000 
square feet of space at the facility formerly home to Ranch Style 
Beans just south of downtown.

Look for a new Lager to be released soon. - Cheers, St. Bernardus

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Oskar Blues Latest - Priscilla White Wit Wheat (5.2% ABV)


Long-time draft offering now available in cans nationwide 


Longmont, CO & Brevard, NC & Austin, TX - 
Oskar Blues Brewery, the brewery that launched the 
craft beer-in-a-can apocalypse in 2002, announces the 
national launch of an AmeriCAN take on the Belgian 
Classic Wit, 
Priscilla White Wit Wheat. It's a Belgian White, Belgian 
Wit, Belgian's a White Wit Wheat (5.2% ABV, 
20 IBUs). 

The beer, which features orange peel and coriander 
spice, emanated from the basement blues music 
legacy Dave McIntyre (18 year Oskar Bluesologist) 
built at the original Oskar Blues Grill & Brew in Lyons, 
CO. On draft for over a decade, Priscilla's zesty 
citrus and light fresh baked bread aromas mix with 
spicy, fruity fermentation. Light bodied with a subtle 
savory spice accent and a dry, lightly tart finish you 
can nearly feel the flicker of the neon and sounds of 
the King. White Wit Wheat.

"Priscilla is a beer steeped in Oskar Blues' music 
history," said Chad Melis. "A longtime Oskar Blues 
favorite, we've decided its time to bring this amped 
up, electric brew from the basement and to the 

Oskar Blues, named "The hottest place to be on a 
Saturday night in Colorado" by Rolling Stone 
because of its roots in the Colorado music scene,
 will brew its first batch of Dale's Pale Ale at their 
new brewery and taproom in Austin, TX today. 
The brewery will continue its tradition of soul-
savin' live music with a music venue as part of 
the Austin taproom.

Priscilla White Wit Wheat will launch throughout 
the month of June in all 50 states where Oskar 
Blues is sold and will be available in 12oz. 
6-packs and draft. 
To learn more, visit and 
always find Oskar Blues beer at 

About Oskar Blues Brewery 

Founded by Dale Katechis in 1997 in Lyons, 
Colorado, Oskar Blues Brewery launched the 
craft beer-in-a-can apocalypse with hand-
canned, flagship brew Dale's Pale Ale. Today, 
Oskar Blues is one of the fastest growing 
breweries in the country and operates 
breweries in Longmont, Colorado and Brevard, 
North Carolina, while producing 192,000 barrels 
in 2015. The original canned craft brewery 
continues push innovation with the announcement 
of an Austin, TX brewery in April of 2016 and 
creations like The Crowler while it distributes 
to 50 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., as well as 
parts of Canada, Sweden, Australia and the U.K.  

In 2013, Oskar Blues founded the
 CAN'd Aid Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public 
charity that offers grassroots grants to those 
making a difference in the areas of community, 
the environment, music, and more. In 2015 alone, 
CAN'd Aid partnered with 52 organizations and 
raised $2 million to date. CAN'd Aid's "do-goodery" 
efforts include: 
*    Towns - building strong communities
*    Tunes - for your eyeholes and earholes
*    Treads + Trails - get outside and get after it
*    Love Yur Mama - save the blue marble
To keep up with all things Oskar Blues, visit 

June is Pints for Prostates Month at the Flying Saucers

Flying Saucer Draught Emporium Teams Up With Pints for Prostates to Send Two Lucky Guests on European Beer Tour to Oktoberfest

DALLAS, Texas, June 1, 2016 – For the fifth year, Flying Saucer Draught Emporium is teaming up with Pints for Prostates Inc. during a four-city “European Beer Tour” promotion designed to reach men through the universal language of beer. The 16-location beer pub will generate prostate cancer awareness from June 1 to 29 that will culminate in a drawing for a beer trip for two to the Czech Republic and Germany (Prague, Bamberg, Eck and Munich) for Oktoberfest.
Flying Saucer will raise funds during the event to support the Pints for Prostates awareness mission. Last year, Flying Saucer set the fundraising record for largest donation from a private company, raising $30,000 between all Flying Saucer locations across the U.S. To date, the family of pubs has donated a total of more than $100,000 to the Pints for Prostates cause.
Each Wednesday as part of its popular “Brewery Night,” Flying Saucer will feature a different classic European beer with the brand’s signature logo glassware. At 7 p.m., 144 people at each location will be able to get the glass of the week and a pour of the featured beer for a great price, with proceeds benefiting Pints for Prostates. Each glass comes with a raffle ticket for a drawing for the European Beer Tour taking place from Sept. 21 to Oct. 1, 2016.
 “This is the fifth year we are teaming up with Pints for Prostates on what has become a tradition of sending one of our ‘Beerknurds’ on the beer trip of a lifetime,” said Keith Schlabs, beer guru and co-founder of Flying Saucer. “We are excited to continue to support a great cause with this companywide awareness celebration about a disease that has touched so many of our friends and customers.”
              The special Pints for Prostates Ultimate European Beer Tour is organized by The raffle includes round-trip airfare for two from the continental U.S.; nine nights lodging in Prague, Bamberg, Eck and Munich; tours of famous breweries; escorted beer hall crawls; guided city tours; breakfast daily, four beer dinners and three beer lunches; and private coach transportation. For a $10 donation for a single ticket, $25 donation for three tickets or $50 for seven tickets, Flying Saucer patrons can obtain additional entries in the drawing. The total value of the trip for two is estimated at $9,000. The drawing will be held in early July at Flying Saucer’s Charlotte, North Carolina, location. The prize is non-transferable and no cash substitute will be offered. The winner and guest are responsible for obtaining passports and all trip-related costs not outlined above. Participants must be 21 years old to enter. No purchase is necessary.
Flying Saucer will be hosting events along with its brewing friends from Germany and local breweries throughout the month. Beer brands supporting the promotion at Flying Saucer will vary by location and date.
 “Flying Saucer Draught Emporium’s support is critical to our cause because they enable us reach thousands of men with a life-saving message about the importance of early detection,” said Rick Lyke, a beer journalist who had successful prostate cancer surgery in 2008. “ has put together an itinerary featuring the very best beer destinations in the Czech Republic and Germany. This is the beer trip of a lifetime, and it is for a great cause.” has been providing unique beer travel experiences to destinations around the world since 1998. This special Pints for Prostates group tour is limited to a total of 16 slots. The tour helps raise funds for Pints for Prostates, a 501(c)3 charity that reaches men through the universal language of beer with an important health message.
“Men are 33 percent more likely to develop prostate cancer than women are to have breast cancer, yet few men know about the critical importance of early detection,” Lyke said. “The support of Flying Saucer helps us reach an audience that needs to hear our message.”

About Pints for Prostates
Pints for Prostates reaches men through the universal language of beer to encourage them to take charge of their health. The group was founded by prostate cancer survivor and beer writer Rick Lyke in 2008. The grassroots effort raises awareness among men about the importance of regular health screenings and PSA testing by making appearances at beer festivals, social networking and pro bono advertising. According to the National Cancer Institute, approximately 240,000 new prostate cancer cases are diagnosed annually in the U.S. More information is available at Pints for Prostates also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@pints4prostates).

Beer was founded in 1998 to offer serious beer people the opportunity to travel to the world’s best beer destinations with other people who love great beer. Beer and travel, travel and beer — these are two of our favorite things. Both, in our estimation, are worth a fair amount of life’s energy. Our goal, and our very reason for existing, is to take our travelers the best beer destinations, drink, taste and enjoy the best beers, meet the beer-loving people of the countries we visit, and explore the history, culture, art and architecture of the interesting places where beer “grew up”. To do this we stay in nice, well-located hotels, eat at great restaurants that emphasize beer in their fare, and visit breweries, brew pubs, cafes, and museums that enhance our understanding and appreciation of beer and its rich history and culture.

About Flying Saucer Draught Emporium
Flying Saucer has been a pioneer on the craft beer scene since we opened the doors of our original location in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1995. Our family-owned beer joint has 16 locations throughout Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Missouri. Flying Saucer offers more than 250 beers with a full spectrum of brewing styles handpicked for each unique market. We do not franchise because we want it done right. Learn more at