Dallas has few diversions other than eating, drinking and shopping.....and shopping does not interest us.
So we spend our time hopping from restaurant to restaurant and to every pub that we can find in search of the perfect meal and the perfect beer.

We randomly review restaurants and bars, dishes and beers at whim and give our brutally honest opinions of our findings. And while we concentrate on Dallas, we travel far and wide to sample cuisine from all regions of the country and beyond.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

World Beer Company

The Bottle Shop

Man, I feel like having a beer, but really don't feel like dealing with twits.  Where would I go to try a new beer and geek out and chat about beers in a sedate, pressure free venue?  Lower Greenville.  "The Libertine?"  Nope.  Across the street, at the Bottle Shop.  "You said this was about the World Beer Company".  I did, and it is.  "It is what"?  It is both.  "I hate when you do this crap.  Which is it and quit messing with me".  The name of the business is the World Beer Company, which is the corporate name and the online store, the store/bar itself on Greenville is the Bottle Shop.  But that is irrelevant, voice in my head....quit interrupting my flow.  What is important is found inside.

You want a bottle of something different to take home and enjoy?  This is the place.  You want to enjoy a glass of tasty brew in a quiet, no pressure atmosphere?  This is the place.  You want a growler of draft beer to take home and guzzle while you watch the Final Four?  This is the place.  You want a gift basket to give to your beer snob friend on his birthday (hint, hint)?  This is the place.  You want to be hit up for money on the patio out front by a crack head while you enjoy a beer on a beautiful spring day?  Unfortunately this is the place for that, too ... but this is Greenville after all.  Don't panic, the staff will chase them away with a broom.

I really love this place.  I love the staff.  I love the selection (over 500 beers).  I love the atmosphere.  You should come and love it. too.

The Bottle Shop
2116 Greenville Ave (where the Blarney Stone used to abide)
Dallas, TX 75206

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Restaurant Review - The Oar House

The Oar House - Rockwall, Texas
"Whore house?  You want to go to a whore house tonight?  Sorry, pass.  What?  Oh, Oar House.  It's a restaurant?  In Rockwall?"  I fear no food, I'm game.  Oar House in Rockwall .... hmmm, what type of food should I expect?  Fried catfish?  Fried oysters?  Fried shrimp?  Perhaps even fried chicken?  But Italian seafood?   Nope, didn't forsee that, lets go.  

Now my friends, who live in the area, assured me that they have visited their many times before and insisted that the food is incredible.  That was then, this is now.

Why did they feel obligated to stuff us in a booth, in the corner, so cramped that my legs fell asleep?  And in a mostly empty restaurant to boot?  No clue here.  But the menu looked great, and I decided to keep the evening civil.  Let's review, shall we?   Drumroll please ....

Inasalata Gorgonzola - Mixed Greens (or rather Iceberg lettuce), toasted walnuts (or rather candied pecans), crispy pancetta (or rather bacon bits) and gorgonzola dressing (but without the gorgonzola).

Rambo ai Granchio - Pan seared halibut (so overcooked that it had to be cut with a knife and was it even halibut?  It could have easily been tilapia ... or sole ... of a shoe.) with crab meat (?) and asparagus in a lime cream sauce (though if there was lime it was the unflavored kind).

Triglia al Burro - Red Snapper (again as tough as Chinese arithmatic) and diced lobster (deep fried...that's right, deep fried and so tough and flavorless that it could easily have been rat balls), tricolor bell peppers, crispy leeks and white truffle butter sauce (truffle, truffle, here truffle...nope can't find it anywhere).

Dessert?  Sure, you can't mess up dessert, can you?   Mmmmmm, nothing better than frozen tirimisu straight from the walk-in, eh?

I rather wish that they served the fried critter platter that I imagined, probably would have been much better.

The Oar House
305 Interstate 30
Rockwall, TX 75087

Friday, March 16, 2012

Beer Review - Great Scot

Peticolas Brewing Company Great Scot Scottish Ale - 6.8% ABV

This American genre bender beer is the second release by Peticolas and another big face full of flavor.  I have minor issues with American brewers labeling their beers a style which they really aren't.  Great Scot is labeled a Scotch Ale .... meh.  However, this beer is so delicious that they could have called it Liza Minelli and I wouldn't give a crap.

The beer has a really mild nose and is a dark mahogany brown in color.  The texture is smooooth too.  You will taste dark chocolate, molasses, a bit of smoke and light hops.  Darned smooth.  Really, really smooth.  Maybe the best way to discover the flavor is mix Young's Double Chocolate Stout with Belhaven Scottish Ale.  But you don't need to go that do you?  You just need to go try this delight from Peticolas.

Peticolas BrewingG Company
2026 Farrington Street
Dallas, TX 75207

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Heart Attack of the Month - March 2012

You may have noticed (or may not have noticed, try to pay attention) that I am not a fan of chain restaurant cuisine.  Cuisine?  No, let me amend that, while cuisine is food, not all food is cuisine.  As a matter of fact, only a very small amound of food can charitably be called cuisine.  Chain restaruant food is almost never cuisine.  So between the pre-prepared, flavorless food and the underachiever servers who really could not care if you live or die, I try my best to avoid them.

So why, oh why did I break my own rule and delude myself into thinking that a Mexican chain could or would provide me with a memorable meal.  Dumb. Ass.  But then again, the meal was memorable.  I was reminded for several hours of my delightful lunch with brutal, debilitating heart burn.  Paying for my crime if you will. 

So not only did I choose a restaurant that I should not have, I chose a dish that, for the life of me, I cannot figure out why I ordered it.  Maybe the words 'House Specialty' threw me off.  "Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken Tender - chicken breast breaded with Lays potato chips, deep fried and smothered in green chile sauce and cheddar cheese. Served with green chile rice and refried beans".  Honest to god, that is a quote from the menu, and I ordered it.  I can see why it would be a 'House Specialty' in that the restaurant is close to SMU and a dunken twit would order and quite probably enjoy this dish.  Not me, never again.

Bored? Would the words "FREE BEER" pique your interest?.

Do you wish to try something really different?  Something that makes you raise an eyebrow and give a Tim Allenesque grunt?  I received an interesting invitation from an individual who asked me to pass the info on to youse guys.

The Village Shopping at Fairview will be having it's first annual Beer Walk  this Thursday, March 15 from 5pm-8pm. The event will take place at the shopping center in Fairview, Tx. Guests will have the opportunity to sample a variety of Franconia beers at tasting stations located inside select retail stores. In order to receive a complimentary beer stein and three drink vouchers for beer tasting, you will need to check in at the tables that will be set up near the Guest Service kiosk. Select stores and restaurants will be  special promotions and offers for Beer Walk participants. There is no cost for the event. Space is limited so early arrival is encouraged. Participants must be at least 21 years old and will be required to provide a valid driver's license.

Please follow The Village on Facebook and Twitter to find out about exclusive giveaways and secret stops throughout that night.

For additional information please visit the event site:

Now normally I would say Fairview?  Where the hell is that?  It's where?  No way.  BUT, the said the magic words, FREE BEER!  Admittedly, I am not a big shopper, but Mrs. Vivent?  Get between her and a sale and you could lose body parts.

Beer for me, sale for the wife, score.

Friday, March 2, 2012

DBS/Il Cane Rosso Beer Dinner

Ok snobs, here it is, the official menu for the beer/food pairing next Thursday at Il Cane Rosso.  Make your reservations now for a night of great beer and magnificent dining.