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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beer Review - Pike Naughty Nellie

Naugthy Nellie Golden Ale - 4.7% ABV

If you have not made the trip to the Northwest I would suggest a the winter.  "Do what now?"  you ask, "Don't they have really sucky weather in Seattle in the winter".  Exactly.  There are 71 active breweries in Washington and more than 50 of those are in Seattle. That's right Beavis, more twice the number of breweries in Seattle than in the state of Texas.  You can stagger from brewery to brewery, sampling and enjoying so much beer that you will not remember a thing about your I did.  Of course you are going to want to visit some of the touristy areas while you are there, like the Pikes Place Market (you know, the place where they fling the fish).  And lo and behold, there is a great little brewery there named The Pike Brewing Company with several fine brews that is the perfect spot to imbibe and b.s. and will easily take up most of your day.  Dandy place with a great view of the harbor, located in the former quarters of the infamous LaSalle Hotel, a house of ill repute that was run by Nellie Curtis, for which the Naughty Nellie Golden Ale was named.  There is a joke in there somewhere that I will let you make.
It is a fact that west coast brews are hoppy.  Some are really, really hoppy and some not so much, but typically more so than the rest of the nations brews.  This one is one of the latter beers.  As a matter of fact, this is one of the finest english style golden ales that you will try.  It is beautiful, clear with a gold color and a mildy flower nose.  Crisp and refresting with soft malts (organic malts in fact) and just enough hops to make it interesting.  Still wasting your time drinking Stella?  You really should try this as an option, it actually has flavor.  Perfect for summer.....or a day spent in a pub on a rainy day in Seattle.

The Pike Brewing Company
1415 First Avenue, Seattle, WA 98105-2017
Telephone (206) 622-6044

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