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Monday, October 25, 2010

Beer Review - Kaiser Imperial Octoberfest

Kaiser Imperial Octoberfest - 9.3% ABV

As you have seen in previous reviews I am quite fond of Octoberfest brews.  Their balanced malty nature make them a delight for a crisp autumn day.  Hmmm, an Octoberfest by Avery?  This should be interesting.  Potent Potables for $200.00 Alex.

 The Avery brewing company, founded in 1993 in Boulder, Colorado, with the simple creedo that they brew what they want and to hell with market demands.  John Q. Public would more than likley not enjoy a single beer produced by these lunatics, but the Beer Snobs certainly do.

The Kaiser Imperial Octoberfest is another in The Dictator Series lineup of Imperials and from the best of my recollection (though admittedly after many years of brain cell abuse does not recollect as well as it use to recollect) the Kaiser used to be an Imperial Lager. 

The color of the Kaiser is typical of the Octoberfests, but just a little darker than normal.  Light, floral nose, mildly spicy and typical white head give no hint whatsoever about what is to come.  My friends, this is Octoberfest on steroids.  Huge, huge malts and big hops for balance, spicy, yet sweet at the same time.  All of this massive flavor almost covers up the high alcohol content...almost.  This is not a beer for an all night drinking session.  More than one or two of these beauties and you'll be going home early with an ugly chick.

Do yourself a favor and try one, and only one, of this wonderful beer.  Also try the White Rascal and the Ellie's Brown Ale....oh hell, try them all, you won't be dissappointed.

Avery Brewing Company
5757 Arapahoe Ave.
Boulder, Colorado.

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