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Monday, December 20, 2010

Beer Review - Curieux

Allagash Curieux - 11% ABV

Do you know what an 'Oh my God' moment is?  The first time you try a freshly made fettucini alfredo...the first time you see your significant other naked (in which case 'oh my god' may be a cry of joy, or horror, it depends upon where you put the emphasis) or the first time you try Allagash Curieux.

Curieux (french for curious) was first created by the wizards at Allagash in 2004 and is a Belgian style trippel ale, then they place the ale in emptied Jim Beam bourbon barrels (I love bourbon, bourbon makes me happy) where it is allowed to age in their cellars for 8 weeks.  That is where the magic happens.

The head is huge and is quite persistent, you will have to wait a bit to let it settle.  While it settles, have a smell the yeast, and the boubon and that is about it.  The color is cloudy, golden.  The flavor is that of a great Belgian trippel...bread, toffee, banana and bourbon...lots of boubon...and a bit of oak.  This is a magnificent beer made even better with the bourbon.  It was such an 'Oh my God' moment for me that I abandoned my Christmas party and went to find a quiet place where I could have a private moment with my new friend.  Great beers are about sharing, but not this one...this one was for me and me alone.  I have had Allegash brews before and found them to be quite delightful, but this one brings them up to near the top the favorites list.

50 Industrial Way
Portland, Maine 04103
Tel: (207) 878-5385
Toll Free (800) 330-5385

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