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So we spend our time hopping from restaurant to restaurant and to every pub that we can find in search of the perfect meal and the perfect beer.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Heart Attack of the Month - June, 2011

Daily Eats Tater Hater

We all know that potatoes are not particularly good for you, but I love to eat them in mass quantities.  Baked potatoes, french fries, mashed, scalloped and my personal favorite - Tater tots .... I just love those bite sized morsels of sin.  Have you ever had the cheese covered tots at Sonic?  With the processed american cheese food product completely melted around ever piece?  Yummy.  But now I have stumbled across the macho pig version of that perfection.

Daily Eats restaurant in Tampa, Florida produces potato masterpieces in many forms; cheese fries, chili cheese fries, gravy fries and my lovely little potato turds turned evil, the Tater Hater.  Crispy tots with bacon, jalepenos, tomatoes and onions all smothered with cheese.  Ooey gooey squish squish.  You could compare them with the locally sourced chili-cheese fries at Snuffers, but these are better.  Why?  Because their tater tots you goob.

Daily Eats
901 S Howard Ave
Tampa, FL 33606

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