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Monday, August 13, 2012

Restaurant Review - The Bowery

The Bowery Restaurant

I love hotdogs.  I'm not kidding, I love hotdogs.  There is almost no other food that compliments a good, cold beer than a good hotdog.  Then why-oh-why am I unable to find a good hotdog joint in Dallas?  Oh, I know, there are some good dogs here and there in Dallas, but they are usually one offs, like the ONE hotdog at the Angry Dog.  There is also the dandy Chicago Dog from the Old World Sausage Company at the Farmers Market, but really, can you name one good hotdoggery that has more than a couple of really good dogs?

The Bowery is the latest introduction into the fickle Dallas restaurant scene where burger joints and taquerias reign supreme.  Billed as an 'upscale' hot dog bistro it rests in the middle of the land of the $30k millionaires where you can flip a coin and be as accurate as the experts in determining whether or not it will survive.  Our experience leads us to believe that it may not.

As we walked in we were accosted by a server who led us to a table and took our order.  It was, we found out a couple of minutes later, an option to have a server, you can order at the counter in the back if you choose and save a bit of cabbage, which you should seriously consider.  The menu is quite extensive with the dogs broken out into 3 categories.  The Classics with standards such as Korn Dogs, Chicago Dogs and Brats, The Traveller with dogs with an international flair and High Brow with with eyebrow raisers like Royal Wagyu and Duo of Duck.  The also give you the option of a Naked Dog that you can load up with anything you wish a la carte.  I really needed a base in which to compare these dogs to those I have had in the past and so stayed mostly with the basics.  The Bowery Brat comes with a beer braised brat, carmelized onions, house mustard and saurkraut served on an oversized bun that they have made for them somewhere in the design district.  The second (which really is overkill regardless of what they tell you) was the Chicago Dog which is a damn fine example of the style but about 1/3 larger than is typical.  The Overstuffed Dutchman is waffle fries, smoked bacon, chives, smoked gouda mornay sauce all on a baguette and, according to my lunch companion, really confusing and not at all worth the price.

The biggest issue that I have with the Bowery came at pay time.  Two hot dogs, potato chips and a soda came out to $25.00 .... for hot dogs.  Admittedly this is with tip, that you don't need to pay if you order from the counter in the back.  The Overstuffed Dutchman? $9.00.  The Chicago Dog?  $7.50.  The question you must ask youself is this version of the Chicago Dog worth twice as much as the Chicago Dog at the Old World Sausage Company?  Oh yeah, here is the added insult, you have to valet, add $5.00. 

The Bowery
3407 McKinney Avenue
Dallas, TX  (nothing there to see at this time)

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