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Friday, October 19, 2012

Beer Review - Newcastle Werewolf

Caledonian Brewing Company Newcastle Werewolf Blood Red Ale - 4.5% ABV

Newcastle Brown Ale holds a special place in my heart because this was the first beer that I drank in my youth that was not pissy fizzy water.  In the last couple of years Newcastle has expanded it lines and has created some specialty beers. Founders Ale, Summer Ale, Winter IPA and Werewolf have all been added. 

Newcastle Brewery becan operations in Newcastle on Tyne in 1890 and began brewing Brown Ale in 1927.  The founder, Lt. Colonel James ('Jim') Herbert Porter, was trying to copy Bass Ale and thought that he had failed.  He was wrong.  Newkie Brown is still in the top 20 best selling ales in the world even after being bought by the most famous of brand destroyers, Heineken.  Werewolf was released in October of 2011 as part of a bid by Heineken to increase market share and is brewed in copper kettles at the 140 year old Scottish Caledonian Brewery.

The beer is an Irish Red Ale brewed with Rye.  It pours reddish brown with the 'blood red' description being quite a stretch and with a creamy head that persisted for bit leaving little lacing.  The nose was almost nonexistent.  Compared to the Broon Ale it is less sweet, less malty, dryer and hoppier.  The rye, while not overpowering, leaves quite a long finish.  The flavor is a bit sweet, a bit spicy and a bit grassy.  It was also dryer than expected and the hops balanced nicely.  This beer is not a powerful beer, but is tasty and balanced and would be quite a nice 'beginner' beer for those starting their journey into the world of craft beers.  Just like I did all those years ago.

The Caledonian Brewery Company (Formerly Scottish and Newcastle)
2-4 Broadway Park, South Gyle
Edinburgh, EH12 9JZ
United Kingdom (Scotland)

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