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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Restaurant Review - 3 Stacks Smoke and Tap House

3 Stacks Smoke and Tap House - Frisco, Texas

Ever go to Frisco?  No?  If it weren't for Ikea and FC Dallas I can't think of one reason to ever visit.  Welcome to chain store hell. *shudder*  So why would I want to go to Frisco to try a  new restaurant?  Well, because I was invited, that's why.  Besides, did you see the word 'Tap' in the name?  Yeah, I am rather fond of that word ... and free, I like that word, too. 

This coming Saturday is the grand opening of 3 Stacks located on Preston Road, just behind Hooters (I kind of like that word, too)  in Frisco.  Now if you, like me, hear that a new BBQ restaurant is opening in Dallas you are a bit short of enthusiasm.  There is a plethora of mediocre BBQ here and I have been disappointed far to many times to get excited about another cow added to the herd.  But Trace Arnold, you know, that dude from The Rib Whisperer on the History Channel, is determined to make a splash in the oh so crowded tank.

There is an odd mixture of service here with cafeteria style service or table service if you prefer.  Many of the items on the table menu are not available through the line and visa versa.  It really depends on your eating style ... want a pizza?  Table.  Want 3 pounds of ribs?  Line. 

The large cavernous space is peppered with several TV's so that you can watch the game while you pretend to be interested in what your spouse is saying.  The acoustics are bad enough that if you have an aversion to screaming brats and mothers talking too loudly about how their child is sooooo much smarter that the average child, and trust me, in Frisco there will be lots, you may wish to bring ear-plugs.

The Meats
The ribs, which you would expect from The Rib Whisperer to be amazing ... are.  Tender, crusty, a bit salty ... superb.  Brisket with a beautiful pink smoke ring, moist and delicious.  Pulled pork with a pre-applied mustard sauce (1 demerit, let me taste the pig) and smokey, moist turkey are available for those who wish to eat a bit lighter.  Pretty frigging tough to find moist turkey and chicken that has been smoked.

The Sides
Yeah, yeah, sweet potatoes, bacon wrapped grilled corn, squash .... lots of nice things, but the macaroni and cheese, man, do you hear me?  The macaroni and cheese is the king!  Dude, they pour additional melty cheese over the top of the serving.  The mexican cornbread is worth a try as well but the biscuits need some work, dry as a popcorn fart. 

The Desserts
The Warm Apple Crumble is Apple Crisp with a scoop of Blue Bell on top, divine.  Skip the Brownie.

Now, let's get to the important part ... The beer.  36 domestic beers, with several being the predictable crappy mass market beers needed to make money and several being local beers that proudly represent the best of Dallas brewing.  Franconia, Deep Ellum, Peticolas are all here and pair oh so well with BBQ.  You can also choose to kill your palate if you wish with a full bar, or if you just need your senses numbed. 

I am not so sure that I would drive all the way to Vanillaville to eat at 3 Stacks, but you can be sure that it will be a preferred destination when we are in the area.  Next time you are in the area you should try it, too.

3 Stacks Smoke and Tap House
4226 Preston Road
Frisco, TX

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