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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

BeerFeast 2014 Event Review @ Saucer on the Lake

As that I was not able to attend the BeerFeast as the Saucer on the Lake last Saturday, I enlisted the help of one of our Snobs.  My thanks go out to Flanders Redale for his much appreciated time and effort. Our thanks also to Crissy Lintner and the fun folks at The Flying Saucer for allowing us to pretend that we are real press.  Cheers - Bon

Hiddely-ho, beer people!

Saturday was a beautiful day to be drinking beer (as if there's a day that isn't). We headed out to BeerFeast at the Lake Flying Saucer, looking for the opportunity to sample new beers and enjoy the weather. The weather cooperated (though it was on the warm side), and the beers were quite tasty on the whole.

Most interesting thing I drank: Lakewood Bokkenrijders. This was described as a Doppelsticke (double altbier), which is not a style I have a reference for. It was much sweeter than the traditional altbiers with which I am familiar. It will be the fifth in their Legendary Series, and I look forward to having more than a sampler pour of it.

Most disappointing thing I drank: Ballast Point Rum-Soaked Victory at Sea. The basic Victory at Sea is a fabulous beer. Add the sweetness of the rum, and this should be mind-blowing. Instead, it was meh. The rum brought out more of the coffee grounds flavor in the beer, which is not a flavor I prefer. I would much rather drink the original.

Most surprising thing I drank: Stone Xocoveza Mocha Stout. The most distinct smell is coffee grounds. The first taste is coffee grounds. That fades quickly, and the cinnamon and pepper flavors take over. It's alcoholic Mexican hot chocolate, and it's delicious.

Most hyped beer that is worth the hype: Stevens Point Whole Hog. My better half loves pumpkin beer. I try my best to give her options, and I keep my ear to the ground for people that really enjoy the style. I had not tried Whole Hog, but many people raved about it, and when it was available, I told her that she needed to try it. It was like drinking pumpkin pie. It's a truly amazing beer, and I want a 6-pack of it post haste.

Most overrated trend: Pumpkin beers. At an event with way fewer than 100 beers to try, there shouldn't be five pumpkin beers. I get's October. There's just a limited number of ways that pumpkin and beer can combine. They're popular, I know...but be creative.

Best beer I drank: Adelbert's Contemplating Waterloo. I'm not a big fan of saisons. I'm not a big fan of gin. When Adelbert's announced their barrel-aging program, and that the first would be their Philosophizer aged in Treaty Oak gin barrels, I was dubious. I wanted to try it, but I didn't want to commit to a bomber of it. Now I'll be scouring the local area trying to get my hands on it. It's definitely a gestalt experience.

Until next time, TV viewers...

Flanders Redale

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