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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rabbit Hole Brewing New Beer - Hole Lang Syne - Release Event -

Rabbit Hole Brewing sponsored an special event at the House of Blues on November 11 celebrating the release of their new Hole Lang Syne.  This beer is the first craft beer created exclusively as a New Years Eve celebration brew.  We sent our own Flanders Redale to the event and here are his musings:

Hiddely-ho, beer-loving neighbors!

I hope you've been shunning the frumious Bandersnatches, because the local brewery obsessed with Alice in Wonderland has something special in store for you this holiday season.

No, not THAT holiday. Every brewery does a ChristmaHanuKwanzaakah beer, it seems...and the guys out at Rabbit Hole can't be that predictable. Ergo, their special holiday brew: Hole Lang Syne. 

It's a Belgian golden strong ale, which is a bit of a rare bird in itself. However, it goes over the top with the addition of raspberries and black cherries. I was fortunate enough to be able to taste a test batch at a special House of Blues event, and it is something else. The best description I was able to verbalize was a mixture of 80% Duvel and 20% Framboise. Hole Lang Syne was served in a champagne flute, and I'd gladly drink this before any bubbly I've ever tasted...and at a projected 9-10% ABV, limited consumption is probably wise.

The good news: They will be bottling it! Well, hand-bottling it, with an oddly-specific run of 608 750mL bombers: 50 cases for distribution, and bottles #1-8 available as door prizes at their 1st Anniversary Party on December 13. Tickets available here: It will also be available in the typical keg distribution, but most likely in a very limited fashion.

The better news: Rabbit Hole will start canning 561, 10/6, and Rapture during the first quarter of 2015. The English IPA 10/6 (pronounced "ten and six", as in ten shillings and sixpence, the price of the Mad Hatter's hat) and the flavorful brown ale Rapture (I know...that's almost oxymoronic) will have a place in my beer fridge once they hit the shelves. They are both deee-libe-libety-lectable. 

The bad news: It's not December 13th yet.
Cheer - Flanders Redale

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