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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

SAVOR 2015

SAVOR an American Craft Beer & Food Experience 2015

Like the Swallows making their annual flight to Capistrano, we make our annual flight to swallow some great beers in Washington D.C..  This event is one of the most prestigious events that a brewer can be invited to attend.  The 76 brewers are chosen by lottery (yeah, right) and each is allowed to showcase 2 beers (though some may have a special beer hidden belowe for their fans to try) which are pairded with a specific food dish created by a well known chef.

The event is the highlight of the year for us snobs and we always appreciate being a part of the fun.
There were highs and lows of this year's Savor, so let us give you a rundown of our impressions and observations.

- By and large the beers were superb, however, the brewers are no longer stretching their creative wings to inttoduce or showcase new beers.  In years past, many of the brewers would create special or one of a kind brews specifically for Savor, but this year they seemed to be satisfied with presenting their typical brewery releases.  Nothing special.

- The food pairings by Chef Adam Dulye were amazing.  Chef Dulye has been working with well respected brewers and award winning restaurants for many years.  Imagine a brown ale paired with a Roasted Pork Shoulder with a Smoked Pecan & Parsely Vinigarette.  How about a strong American ale paired with a Bacon Wrapped Date with Rosemary & Current Gastrique?  Cardamom and Clove Rice Pudding .... Caramel Apple Upside Down Cake ... Steak Tartar w/ Soubise, Sea Salt, Cocao Nibs & Caper Berries ... these creations would be outstanding dishes at any restaurant.  All perfectly paired with the beer selections and often the better part of the pairings.

- Boy were these beers potent.  Many high gravity offerings that had us staggering like ... well ... like a bunch of drunks.

- Highs and Lows - Impressions of some of the beers:
   - Best Beer Name:  Bat Shit Crazy Coffee Ale from Mob Craft Brewing.  It is too bad that the     beer wasn't as good as the name, nonetheless it was nice seeing a beer named after my wife.
   - Best Brewery That We Have Never Frigging Heard Of:  Kuhnhenn Brewing from Warren, Michigan.
   - Best Brewery Name:  Fat Bottom Brewing from Nashville, Tennessee.  Been to Nashville, the name is appropriate.
   - Most Famous Person Serving Beers:  Sam Castiglione from Dogfish Head Brewing.

   - Most Interesting Brewery Concept:  The aforementioned Mob Craft Brewing allows you to suggest a concept for a beer and then uses popular vote of their patrons to determine what style of beer they will produce.  We said an interesting concept, not good idea, however.
   - Best Food Paring:  Grave Robber Fraud Quad (Belgian style Quadruppel) from Lost Highway Brewing in Denver, Colorado paired with Loin of Venison w/ Fried Parsnips, Pomegranate & Red Eye Gastrique.  Boooiiinnggggg!
   - Biggest Brewery Disappointment:  Funky Buddha Brewing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Fuckers ran out of beer half way through leaving us unable to try their much talked about offerings.
   - Gaaaaaaakkk!:  Maple Chipotle Pineapple Black IPA from St. Lawrence  Brewing Company of Canton, New York - Gaaaaaaaakkkkkk!
   - Biggest Hop Head Challenge:  Blimey That's Bitter TRIPLE IPA by Rueben's Brews from Seattle Washington.
  - Best Dessert Beer:  Choklat Oranj by Southern Tier Brewing Company from Lakewood, New York.
  - Best 'I Am Happy That I Can't Get That Here' beer:  Wulver Wee Heavy Scotch Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels by Thirsty Dog Brewing Company from Akron, Ohio.  'Nuff said.

We hope that you will be able to join us for next year's Savor.  Cheers - Bon

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