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Friday, December 23, 2016

Our Christmas Wishes

What is it that a beer snob would want for Christmas?  Really a no brainer question, right?  Beer, duh.  But our Christmas wish is for something a bit different, something beerish, but not really just beer.

We hope you saw our post that this December 31st is the 5th year of existence for Peticolas Brewing.  They are going to have a major announcement on their anniversary that they are going to change direction, and we have no earthly idea what that will be.  We do have a strong idea of what we want the direction to be.

Rahr and Sons Brewing opened in Fort Worth 2004 and was the first out of the craft brewing chute, creating fine, traditionally crafted beers.  Nice, drinkable beers, but safe.  The first on the Dallas side of the metroplex was the venerable Franconia Brewing in McKinney.  While their beers are pretty darn good, they are decidedly main stream and take few risks. Then along comes Peticolas Brewing, and with their release of Velvet Hammer the excitement for craft brewing coming to Dallas was palpable. This beer was intense and powerful giving us the feeling that this was the beginning of the revolution.

Many new breweries have opened since 2011 with over 20 breweries to be visited in north Texas.  The problem is that even with all of these breweries, none have ever taken a risk, none have created a signature beer line creative enough to be able to attract the attention of anyone outside our region.  Now we are not saying that the beer in north Texas are not good, quite the contrary there are many fine, fine beers being created here.  We are just a bit disappointed that no one has stepped forward to create something outside the safe zone.  For instance Jester King from Austin creates sours that are desired by beer geeks nationwide.  Houston's Buffalo Bayou creates massive beers that get us good trades nationwide.  Dallas has ..... ?  Exactly.

Our Christmas wish is that Michael Peticolas sees this as a challenge and has in mind a mad plan to create a beer line that puts us on the beer tourism map.  Something that makes us giddy to try the next creation, like Velvet Hammer did 5 years ago,

Cheers, Michael, and good luck.

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