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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beer Review - Avery 17

Avery 17 - 8.7% abv.

Avery began their tradition of releasing limited edition anniversary beers that began with their 10th anniversary ale.  These anniversary beers show off the skills of the brewers and can range from Weissbiers to Belgian style to...well....Black Lagers.
Though classified as a black lager, this monster has more flavor and kick than most stouts and is only considered a lager due to the fact that they used lager yeast in the production.  17 is quite dark and slightly reddish with a light brown head, the smell is light, almost chocolate which misleads you into believing that the beer will be lighter as well.  From the very second that the brew touches your tongue you realize that this is a powerfull beer.  Slightly sweet at the first then transitioning to a wonderful dry hopped bitterness as the lightly carbonated brew slides easily down your throat.  The full flavor also hides the fact that there is quite a lot of alcolhol included.  This sneaky devil is an easy drink that will kick your ass quickly and completely so be careful.  Help Avery celebrate its 17 years of brewing fine beers and enjoy it while you can.

Avery Brewing Company
5763 Arapahoe Avenue
Boulder, CO 80303

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