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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beer Review - (512) One.2

(512) One.2 - ABV 8%

The (512) (the area code of Austin, clever, eh?) Brewery in Austin, Texas is a microbrewery that emodies the very essence of what Austin is......and that essence is that of a hippy.  Archaic term I know, but Austin is a throwback kind of town.  You don't believe me?  Then just take a walk down Guadaloupe Street and count the number of hippies that hit you up for cash.  Fewer that Haight Street in San Francisco but just as annoying.  But I digress.
Kevin Brand, owner and brewer uses "as many local, domestic and organic ingredients as possible" to create some fine craft brews (and some not so fine, i.e. the Pecan Porter).
One (another clever use of numbers) is their first anniversary Belgian style strong ale and is a superbly drinkable ale.  The clear, dark amber ale has a coppery colored, lacy head and smells a every bit like a belgian style ale should...earthy, sweet, floral.  (512) uses organic grains, Forbidden Fruit yeast, domestic hops and even slips in some local honey to create a spicy, earthy, sweet ale that is amazingly drinkable and quite smooth.  This is a 'sit down with your beer snob friends and relax' ale and not a 'look at me, I am drinking Stella' poser ale.  Very Austin hippy.
Be sure to try this one while you is a winner.

(512) Brewing Company

407 Radam, F200
Austin, Texas 78745
Phone: 512.707.2337


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