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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Heart Attack of the Month - Southwest Chicken Salad

Southwestern Chicken Salad at Chips's Old Fashioned Hamburgers

"A salad as Heart Attack of the Month?"  you exclaim "Are you mad?  Salads are good for you!"  Yes indeed they are, or rather it is true that salads, by and large, are good for you...but salads can also be very, very bad.  But why pick out a salad made by a Dallas institution that is famous for it's greasy burgers and fries?  Purely because of the deception of healthy created by simply using the word 'salad'.  Oh don't get me wrong, I am not saying that is isn't good, it is quite tasty in fact, I am saying that it is not good for you.

Since 1981 Chip's has been cranking out it's award winnning burgers, onion rings and shakes.  No one really remembers when the salads were added to the menu with it's "sometime you just feel like a fresh salad" claim.  I do remember trying one and thinking 'wow, this is rather unhealthy'.  Let me describe this beast for you....Grilled chicken (which in and of itself is quite healthy) drenched in BBQ sauce, "maters" (bubbanese for tomatoes, also healthy), black beans (so your friends can enjoy the experience with you later), avocados (again, healthy, so where is the issue?), corn (no nutritional value whatsoever), cheddar cheese (calcium?), bacon (not so healthy, but tasty), a big pile of greasy, fried onions (absolutley artery clogging) and then drenched with the full fat version of Ranch dressing mixed with the aformentioned BBQ sauce all on top of a smattering of greens.  Call it a salad, but I call it a pile of stuff on lettuce.

Go and try the Southwest Chicken Salad at Chip's, but don't delude yourself into believing that you are getting a healthy meal, just enjoy it for what it is...delicious.

Chip's Old Fashioned Hamburger
4530 W Lovers Lane
Dallas, Texas 75209

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