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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Road Trip Dining - The Search for the Perfect Gumbo, Part 2

Magazine Po-Boy and Sandwich Shop - New Orleans.

The next stop on our gumbo search takes us to a neighborhood eatery located on Magazine Street in the Lower Garden District, recommended to us by a local business owner.  Our original plans were to try the infamous Domilise’s Po-Boy's and Bar, but our new best friend assured us that the quality of their offerings decreases as their popularity increases.  "Trust me, Magazine Po-boy is locals only, you'll love it".  The leap of faith in trusting her was paid off by the best po-boys we tried New Orleans, but then again this was the only Po-boys we had on this trip.  What about the Gumbo?  I am glad you asked. because it really was the only disappointment of the meal. 

Strangely, it looked like the perfect gumbo at first, dark broth, lots of floaties (chicken, andouille and shrimp), can't wait to try it.  I was confused with the first taste..was this gumbo?...had I ordered the wrong item?...had they given me the wrong item?  Nope, this is gumbo all right.  Upon second taste I was even more confused, the creole seasonings seemed to be there, the chicken was tender and delicious, the andouille was good, but that damn roux had no flavor at all, or at least very muted flavors.  My opinion is that perhaps they forgot to add the salt?

Luckily, the cafe is not called the Magazine Gumbo Shop, it is the Magazine Po-Boy and Sandwich Shop, and dandy Po-boy's they are.  We sat for several minutes and watched to see what the locals ordered before making up our minds and then ordered the 2 most popular sandwiches as judged by the crowd favorites.  The Roast Beef Po-Boy was really good with tender, sliced roast beef, dressed (all the fixin's) and with a rich, beefy gravy all on crispy, fresh french bread.  Hey, I have a good idea, get the person that made the gravy to make the gumbo!  Fine sandwich.  The other sandwich was a veal parmesan with decent veal, dressed and a fine marinara, also a pretty darned good sandwich. 

Not a bad meal, not a great meal either, but at least it was cheap.

Magazine Po-Boy and Sandwich Shop
2368 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 522-3107

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