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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Heart Attack of the Month - Pepperoni Roll

Pepperoni Roll at Mama Mia's Italian Restaurant and Pizzaria in Deep Ellum

Gut Bomb Alert!  Gut Bomb Alert! 

Pizza, calzone, stromboli...what's the big deal?  We all know that those things are not good for you in the extreme, why pick one over all of the others?  Because, my health food eating friends, this one caused me more gastrointestinal distress than any pizza resembling object that any that I have eaten in quite some time. 

Mama Mias is the kind of restaurant that is guaranteed success in an area packed with bars, clubs and drunks.  Cheap, dense, booze soaking food is just what you need at 2:00 in the morning after an evening of debauchery, and Mama Mia's is open until 3:00 on Friday and Saturday to cater to the staggering masses.  Their traditional New York style hand tossed pizzas are really quite good with the ingredients tasting like everyone else's that buys from Ben E. Keith.  Good, but not exceptional.  Decent pastas and not too bad sandwiches round out the selection of Italianate offerings that every drunk requires.

The Pepperoni Roll is listed on the menu underneath Calzones and Stromboli and is really quite inexpensive, especially when you take into consideration the size.  It really is simplicity, pepperoni.... lots of pepperoni... and cheese wrapped in a pizza crust and sprinkled with parmesian and oregano.  That's it....oh, you also get pizza sauce to dip it in if you choose.  Cut into this log and you immediatly notice the red grease running out of the wound like blood from a fresh kill.  The grease continues to run out as you eat... "damn, must have nicked an artery", you think.  And it doesn't stop!  The grease continues pouring out of the corpse like clowns piling out of the midget car at the circus.  As you reach the end the pepperoni roll remants are floating on a veritable pond of partially congealed goo.  Delicious.  As I sat eating this mass of goodness I could hear something popping, like someone goofing around with bubble wrap, or popcorn.  At some point I realized that I was hearing my arteries crackling from the mass of cholesterol that I was adding to my system.

You can order a salad to accompany your pepperoni roll which may or may not help with the corking that is sure to follow. I would suggest ordering a salad, and a fiber bar, and perhaps a handfull of tree bark to help push things through. Good luck with that.

Mama Mia's Italian Restaurant and Pizzaria
2935 Elm St
Dallas, TX 75226

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