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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Restaurant Review - Neighborhood Services Bar & Grill

Neighborhood Services Bar & Grill

So we called one of the snobs, St. Bernadus, and asked him to join us at Neighborhood Services for dinner.  "Sure thing" he replied, "see you in 5 minutes".  15 minutes later, no Bernadus, but the phone was ringing.  "Where are you?" he asked.  "At the bar".  "I'm at the bar too, it's not that big, I should be able to see you".  "Wait...which one are you at?"  (I know, never end your sentences in a preposition, but I'm not a frigging English major, get over it)  "The one on Henderson, where are you?"  "No, no, that is Neighborhood Services Tavern, we are at Neighborhood Services Bar and Grill on Preston."  "Screw that, I'm here now, so here I will stay."  Confused?  So were we.  However the menus are quite similar at all 3 Neighborhood Services and the food quality is excellent at all locations so you really can't go wrong.  Just be sure that you are visiting the one you think you are visiting.

We were waiting at the bar because you are going to wait for a table as that these guys do not take reservations.  You may, however, call them when you on your way there and have your name added to the wait list, which will save you half an hour or so.  Normally I won't wait to be seated in a restaurant, but Neighborhood Services is good enough to tolerate being shoved by and squished in with "the beautiful people" and honestly it is kind of fun to play Name That Enhancement with the patrons.....boob job here, collagen lips there, botox everywhere.  Also the bartenders are true mixologists and are quite talented at their craft, watch them work their magic.  We were extremely dissappointed at their extremely limited draft selection and if Stella is the best that you have on tap then you are severly lacking. 

We began the evening with the Fried Little Asparagus.  Mild asparagus fried with a crispy tempura batter, sprinkled with percorino cheese and drizzled with lemon-dill creme fraiche.  Magnificent, sublime.
While visiting a fine dining establishment we recommend that you seriously consider the specials board and order from that.  This is where a superior chef will show how talented he/she is, and Nick Badovinus is a fine, fine chef. 

The nightly pasta special was Rigatoni with tender, juicy cooked roasted chicken topped with asparagus tips, sun dried tomatoes and basil leaves.  Beurre Blanc AND brown butter sauce perfectly finished out the dish.  I had to force myself to put down more fork between bits and not shovel it down like a starving maniac.  In-frigging-credible.  The side of Brussel Sprouts and pancetta proved to me that Brussel Sprouts cannot be prepared by anyone, in any way that I will eat them.

Hake?  Hake?  What kind of a fish in Hake?  No, you won't catch it in Lake Lewisville so let me tell you about Hake.  Originally a fish only found in the inlets and bays around Ireland, somehow it has found it's way into the waters off Cape Cod and British Columbia, it is not considered to be one of your finer fishes and is often used to make imitation crab.  Firm fleshed and mild tasting it was prepared with a panko bread crumb crust, topped a lemon, beurre blanc sauce, micro greens and was perfectly cooked and delicious.  By using a common, sustainable fish and preparing it so very well the chef has shown an additional level of sensitivity.  Bravo, sir. 

Dear Neighborhood Services, love your restaurants but am easily confused by the similarity in the names.  Can we call the next one Bob?

Neighborhood Services Bar and Grill
10720 Preston Rd, Suite 1101
Dallas Texas 75230
Tel. 214-368-1101

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