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Monday, April 25, 2011

Beer Review - Wasatch White Label

Wasatch Brewing Company White Label - 6% ABV

I am crushed, destroyed, despondent ..... one of my favorite breweries is pulling out of Texas (because of our double damned stupid beer laws).  Allagash Brewing from Portland, Maine is leaving us.  Goodby Curieux ... goodby 4 ... and fond farewells to my long time spring favorite Allegash White.  Now I have to go and find a substitute to fill the void .... damned Texas beer laws.  There are a few that are close in style and taste like Blanche de Bruxelles or the Avery White Rascal that I enjoy now and again.  God forbid that I have to choke down a Bluemoon. 

The Wasatch Brew Pub and Brewing Company from Park City, Utah may have produced my Allegash White substitute.  This new release by Wasatch is a light, bright and happy beer, much like the denizens of Utah themselves (that is if you want to believe the press).  The brewery was the first brewery in Utah and produces several low gravity, average beers with reduced alcohol (and flavor) but also brews a few decent higher gravity beers that are quite pleasant.  White Label is one of these offerings.  The beer is a fine example of a Begian Wit beer with a golden, hazy pour with not much head to speak of.  The smell is of coriander, banana, citrus and malts and the flavors follow along that same line.  You will find the texture to be quite thin, but not watery, and low carbonation.  This beer will do nicely as a spring substitute while we search for the replacement and we recommend that you give this one a try as well.  And while you are relaxing and enjoying this beer, please feel free to email Allegash and beg them to stay in Texas ... I already have.

Wasatch Brew Pub
250 Main Street
Park City, UT 84060

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