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Monday, July 18, 2011

Beer Review - Monk's Ale

Abbey Beverage Company Monk's Ale - ??% ABV

"Hmmm?  A new ale produced by a bunch of monk's locked away in an isolated monastery?   Holy macaroni, I hadn't thought that there could be a new Belgian bee ...... what?  It's not in Belgium, it's where?  New Mexico?"  Oh well, if it's anything like Chimay or Orval then HALLELUJAH!

The Benedictine Abbey of Christ in the Desert began brewing their "with a care and a prayer" beers in 2005 in Abiquiu (Santa Fe ish), New Mexico on a limited basis.  They acquired a minority interest in the Monastery of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Pecos, New Mexico in 2010 and began producing their beer at that location.  This Monk's Ale and a Wit are all that they are brewing at the moment but they have grand plans to step it up in the near future.

The beer is pretty enough with it's clear orange/gold coloration and has a moderate head and moderate carbonation.  The nose is ... let's say subtle.  The flavor is also quite subtle, bordering on non-existent but slowly intensifies to barely discernible as the level drops.  Ever so slightly sweet with perhaps some citrus and cloves and a bit of sourness that tastes as if it could be from natural yeasts, though I suspect that there aren't many natural yeasts floating around in the dry desert air.  Hops were sparingly used as well.  The Abbey's website says that they have begun growing their own hops and will be using them soon, I just hope that they actually remember to put some in the brewing tanks next time.

I honestly will not drink this one again, but if you are a Bud Light drinker this one is probably watery enough for you to try.  You can be sure that drinking this will not get you drunk enough to do any sinning so the Monks collective consciences can remain clear.

Monastery of Christ in the Desert
PO Box 270
Abiquiu, NM 87510

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