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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Road Trip Dining - Food and Wine Festival

I dearly love festivals based on eating and drinking.  There is one particular festival that Mrs. Snob and I have enjoyed time and time again, but I hesitate to tell you where.  Why you ask?  Because you're gonna laugh.  Not with me, but at me.  OK, here it goes .... we love to go to ..... Disney World.  I hope you didn't choke on your beer there, sorry.

The Epcot Food and Wine Festival is located at the World Showcase part of Epcot (you know, the part that replicates highlights from several countried around the lake) and runs from the first of October  into mid November.  It features traditional dishes from around 25 nations and/or regions in managable tapas sized servings.  Yeah, I know, when you think of fine dining you don't typically think of an amusment park, but try not to think of the mouse shaped pancakes that you get for breakfast, think of chefs from many nations proudly creating for you dishes that you will find when you visit their homelands.  They also will serve you wines or beers that are produced in their native lands in hopes of tempting you into buying some when you return home.

Our strategy is to circle the lake, gorging ourselves on the offerings.  It takes a few hours as that ever so often we have to sit and allow our digestion catch up.  This year we were oh so lucky to get to hear Taylor Dayne as we sat and forced down another funnel cake.  Lucky, lucky us.  THEN after reaching our original starting point, we reverse direction and pummel our livers with the alcoholic offerings from the same countries.  Pure debauchery.  But the time we have completed our second circumnavigation of the lake around which the World Showcase is located, we are obliterated.  We stagger back to our room and pass out, dreaming of being chased by dwarves wearing cupcake costumes.

This is the really a great time of year to visit Disney World as that the kids are in school so the crowds are not so aggravating, the weather is magnificent and the food is, as always, magical.

Epcot Park at Disney World
Orlando, Florida

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