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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beer Review - Nefarious 10 Pin

Ska Brewing Company Nefarious 10 Pin Porter - 8% ABV

Soon, very soon, we will start bitching about the cold weather.  We will grouch about having Christmas shoved down our throats for 2 months.  We will complain about the inches we are adding to our waists over celebrating the aforementioned holiday.  But not me, no sir, because I know that the winter beers are arriving, and I so dearly love those massive doses flavors.  Blues killers are what they are.  The winter porters, the Christmas ales, the spiced lagers ... ah, I can almost taste them now.  But WAIT!  I can taste them now! 

Ska Brewing Company was founded in 1995ish by a couple of underage stoners in Durango, Colorado who loved to drink beer and listen to ska music.  Hey, if you can't buy beer legally you may as well brew your own, right?  Their culture of loud music, strong beers and good times is something with which I can find little fault.  I also can find few faults with their beers.

The 10 Pin Porter is not just a porter .... no, no, no mon ... it is an Imperial porter.  What does that mean exactly?  It means that you are going to get a face full of flavor.  Originally, imperial stouts were beers brewed in Enland intended for the Imperial Russian Court and generally meant that the beer was going to be a top of the line luxury beer.  In American brewing circles it generally means big and bold.  And this beer is just that with BIG malts and BIG hops.

The color is just what you expect of a porter, dark brown/black color and lightly carbonated . Huge nose of roasted malts, chocolate and the burn of alcohol.  The flavor is wonderfully balanced with malts, yeasts, coffee, dark fruits, chocolate and caramel sweetness.  To be sure the hops are there, but not overpowering.  Dandy, dandy beer.

Ska Brewing Company
225 Girard Street
Durango, Colorado

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