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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beer Review - Ommegang Rare Vos

Ommegang Rare Vos Amber Ale - 6.5% ABV


Do you know what that was?  That was a beergasm.  A beergasm caused by a delightful, superb, magnificent amber ale created by the evil geniuses at Ommegang.  The ale is named after a cool little bar in Brussels that  is the starting point for bicycle and pigeon races and if you drink enough you may try one of their horse steaks.  No, I don't think that the bicyclists race the pigeons, but that may be fun to watch after drinking several of these beers.

This nectar of the gods is called a Brabant style ale by Ommegang which is an ancient method of brewing using top fermentation and wild yeasts which usually cause the beers to have a sour note.  Sorry, but I didn't get that much.  The color is a slightly cloudy coppery gold with a head that persists for quite a while.  The smell is of malt, bread, yeast and a hint of the spices used in the brewing process.  Oh, so smooth, with enough carbonation to keep your tongue interested.  Lovely, lovely flavor with the malts in the front, bananas and apricots right behind.  Hints of the cloves and spices rule the background along with a bit of citrus bite.  It is not at all sweet meaning that you could drink several (if you first rob a bank or are a trust fund brat) without ruining your palate.  Fantastic beer and if you were to look in my refridgerator right now, you will find several lurking about (no to your left, right behind the milk).

The judges at the GABF were right to award this dandy brew a bronze medal, but you be your own judge and try it, you may find a new favorite beer here.  Now excuse me while I go clean up this mess.

Brewery Ommegang
656 County Highway 33
Cooperstown NY 13326-9248

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