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Monday, January 23, 2012

Beer Review - Double Brown Stout

Deep Ellum Brewing Double Brown Stout- 7% ABV

"....and lo, the gates of heaven opened and light shone down on the unwashed masses."  - Me

For years I have been preaching the gospel of how no one in Texas seems to know how to make a full flavored beer.  Oh sure, we have had brief shining moments of brilliance, like Rahr's Whiskey Warmer, but I have never found a production beer that could hold my interest for even half a pint.  Then, during lunch a couple of weeks ago at the Twisted Root, I saw that they had DEBC's Double Brown Ale on tap.  *Sigh*  "Oh well, may as well get my disappointment over with", I thought to myself.  But then lo and behold, the angels began to sing.

I am not going to mince words, this frigging stout is terrific.  Stout?  Or is it an ale?  The server at the Root was quite adamant that it is an ale, my mouth, however says it is a Baltic Porter, but hmmmm, it could be an ale.  Let's assume, for now that we have a stout.  The tan head expands 1/2" on the dark brown, cloudy (and highly reflective) brew and hangs around for a while.  You will smell chocolate, molasses and malts (like a good stout should).  As the smoooth textured brew flows over your tongue you will taste semi-sweet dark chocolate and with coffee following along at the end of the swallow.  A bit of molasses comes through as you drink and perhaps some dark fruitsw way off in the background.  Bitterness is delivered by the roasted malts and coffee with hops not really shining through. 

This is an easy drinking beer that will give you a surprise buzz after a couple of pints.  My friends, this is one of the finest beers produced in Texas.  Could it be....?  Can it possibly be ... that Texas brewers have finally come of age?  God I hope so.  I cannot wait to try the IPA and Darkest Hour.  Bravo John Reardon et al.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company
2821 St Louis St
Dallas, TX 75226
Ordinarily I would insert their web address here and while they do have a website, for some reason they have chosen to share news and information through Facebook and by blog.  *shrug*

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  1. Thanks for the review - I'm glad you found our beer. Drew Huerter is an extraordinary brewmaster (of Schlafly fame) and I can't wait to see what he brews this year!

    We do have a website under development that will be much more expansive, but yes our facebook is a great way to stay in touch for now.

    Our Social Media / Online presence is as follows:
    •Eventbrite (tour tickets):
    •Untappd (“check in” to a beer):