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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Velvet Hammer

Peticolas Brewing Company Velvet Hammer Scotch Ale - 8.5% ABV

What does a lawyer know about beer?  Really, if you were to ask me what kind of beer a lawyer would drink I would probably have to choose something.... safe.  Something popular, but not particularly good.  Something like ..... Stella.

Well, Michael Peticolas is an attorney, and homebrewer, and now owner of Peticolas Brewing Company.  And I was wrong

Velvet Hammer is a strong American ale.  A bloody amazing ale.  Dark ruby red with the smell of raisins, malts and alcohol ethers.  The flavor is slightly sweet with malts and dark fruits coming to mind.  But as with all great ales, this one is perfectly balanced so that no flavors really overpower any other flavors.  Balanced.  Search for toffee, caramel, citrus, earth and yes, even hop flavors and you may find them.  Or you can forgo searching for hidden flavors and just sit back and enjoy the ride ... which really won't be very long because this here brew be potent.... arghhhh. 

I awoke feeling as if I have been hit over the head with a hammer, but as I drank I didn't feel a thing.  Velvet Hammer indeed.

Peticolas Brewing Company
2026 Farrington Street
Dallas, Texas 75207

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