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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Restaurant Review - The Oar House

The Oar House - Rockwall, Texas
"Whore house?  You want to go to a whore house tonight?  Sorry, pass.  What?  Oh, Oar House.  It's a restaurant?  In Rockwall?"  I fear no food, I'm game.  Oar House in Rockwall .... hmmm, what type of food should I expect?  Fried catfish?  Fried oysters?  Fried shrimp?  Perhaps even fried chicken?  But Italian seafood?   Nope, didn't forsee that, lets go.  

Now my friends, who live in the area, assured me that they have visited their many times before and insisted that the food is incredible.  That was then, this is now.

Why did they feel obligated to stuff us in a booth, in the corner, so cramped that my legs fell asleep?  And in a mostly empty restaurant to boot?  No clue here.  But the menu looked great, and I decided to keep the evening civil.  Let's review, shall we?   Drumroll please ....

Inasalata Gorgonzola - Mixed Greens (or rather Iceberg lettuce), toasted walnuts (or rather candied pecans), crispy pancetta (or rather bacon bits) and gorgonzola dressing (but without the gorgonzola).

Rambo ai Granchio - Pan seared halibut (so overcooked that it had to be cut with a knife and was it even halibut?  It could have easily been tilapia ... or sole ... of a shoe.) with crab meat (?) and asparagus in a lime cream sauce (though if there was lime it was the unflavored kind).

Triglia al Burro - Red Snapper (again as tough as Chinese arithmatic) and diced lobster (deep fried...that's right, deep fried and so tough and flavorless that it could easily have been rat balls), tricolor bell peppers, crispy leeks and white truffle butter sauce (truffle, truffle, here truffle...nope can't find it anywhere).

Dessert?  Sure, you can't mess up dessert, can you?   Mmmmmm, nothing better than frozen tirimisu straight from the walk-in, eh?

I rather wish that they served the fried critter platter that I imagined, probably would have been much better.

The Oar House
305 Interstate 30
Rockwall, TX 75087

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