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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beer Review - Choc Gratzer

Krebs Brewing Company Gratzer - 4% ABV


The Gratzer style of beer was last commercially brewed in 1994 and was known as the national beer style of Poland.  Choc was searching for a new beer to add to their signature beer line and settled on this rarity.  My opinion is that they should have let this sleeping dog lie and that perhaps it is no longer brewed for a reason.

 A Gratzer is a light colored, clear, smoked wheat beer with low alcohol and is known as an easy drink.  I don't know if the bottle that we tried had turned, or if it was an aberration, but this was one of the worst beers that I have ever poured in my face.  Honestly, it tasted like burned grass clippings with bacon grease poured over it.  Truly awful.

I will be charitable and assume that it had somehow been damaged and suggest that you try if for yourself.  Nay, I am going to ask that someone try the beer and let me know your thoughts, because I'll be damned if I will try it again.

Krebs Brewing Company
120 SW 8th
Krebs, OK 74554

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