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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Beginning today and running through Sunday is Grapevine's annual ode to the grape.  I was asked to post on the blog, for the couple of readers that follow along, the information for the festival.  There are dozens of wine bloggers in the area and I freely admit that I am a bit indifferent about wines and so this is not one of those.  "But we have a 'craft beer' tent set up for folks like you",  was the response.  Craft beers.  The term can be quite misleading as that there really is no accepted definition of what it takes to be a craft beer.  So here is the beer list that I requested to allow you to determine what a 'craft beer' is.  My comments follow each beer listed.

"The following craft beers will be at GrapeFest this Year"
- ZiegenBock - (Inbev beer, not craft - Bon)
- Shock Top - (Inbev beer, not craft - Bon)
- Goose IPA - (Inbev beer, not craft - Bon)
- Goose Harvest Ale - (Inbev beer, not craft - Bon)
- Shock Top Pumpkin - (Inbev beer, not craft - Bon)
- Widmer Oktoverfest - (Inbev beer, not craft - Bon)
- Redhook Pumpkin Porter - (Inbev beer, not craft - Bon)
- Kona Pipeline Porter - (Inbev beer, not craft - Bon)
- Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse - (Huge German Brewer, not craft - Bon)
- Spaten Oktoberfest - (Huge German Brewer, not craft- Bon)

There are so many wonderful local brewers that are not being represented at this long running local festival that I can't help but to be disappointed - Bon


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