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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oktoberfest Travels - Part 1

I am a tumbleweed, a feather in the wind, a wanderer a ..... a beer pilgrim.  I must admit that I have a severe travelling bone and because of this itinerant bone I have dragged Mrs.Vivant around the world, attending beer festivals and touring breweries because, well because we bloody well enjoy doing so. 

Quite likely the most celebrated beer holiday in the world is Oktoberfest, which is celebrated by beer aficionados around the world and I have celebrated the fabulous fall fest from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Suzhou, China.  Oddly enough, I have never been to the big one ... THE Oktoberfest, in Munich.  Why not?  Damned if I know, but this year we will attend and do our best to drown in Marzen.  Wanna join us?  No?  Why not?  Because you don't know how?  Gwaaaannnnn, really?

We are constantly amazed at how many people would like to travel to Europe or farther afield but do not know how or are intimidated by the process of planning the trip.  So the Snobs are going to walk you through the process (in a multipart series) and show you how to make the journey.  For those of you on a tighter budget who believe that you cannot afford the trip, we will also show you how to do it on the cheap.

Part 1 - Travel Documents

"Gracious me", you say in your best southern drawl, "wherever do I begin"?
"Well, Bubbett", I reply in my best Rhett Butler, "right here":

In order to leave the country or enter another country you MUST possess a Passport, yes, even Mexico and Canada.  It is unfathomable why in this day and age that you do not have one, but you would be amazed to find out how many people don't possess one (OR you are one of the people who do not have one and are not amazed in the least).  In several countries you must also attain a Visa (not, not the credit card, you knob, a travel visa, i.e. a travel permit) which is applied for through the destination countries that require them (Brazil and China and others) and not through our government.  Few, if any, European countries require Visas and your Passport will do just fine.  The process can take as much as several months so apply for your Passport well ahead of your scheduled travel time.  For an event as big as this one, you must make all of your plans way, way ahead of time, unless you are fat with disposable income (in which case, will you please adopt me?  No?  FINE!)  We booked this trip 6 months ago.  You will not be able to book your air travel until you have one of these lovely little blue books, so start applying. - Cheers, Bon

Next Up - Booking Air Travel

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