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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Beer Review - Hole Lang Syne

Rabbit Hole Brewing 'Hole Lang Syne' Belgian Strong Ale - 10% ABV

We love the Winter beers, the holiday beers, the Christmas ales .... all of the special seasonal beers produced by the craft brewers this time of year.  These special beers are usually laced with spices and smells that we associate with our winter time fun.  Chocolate, pumpkin spices, mint, spruce are among the flavors that you will typically find used in these holiday beers.  But when Christmas passes, the holiday beers disappear and winter warmers take the forefront for a short while.  Oddly, New Years is mostly ignored by the craft beer industry and is given over to Champagne and sparking wines.

Though we like Champagne well enough we prefer our beers and darned if one of our local brewers, Rabbit Hole Brewing, didn't go and create a beer to compete directly with the sparkling wine purveyors.  While the commercial description of the beer is a Belgian style strong golden ale, it more closely resembles a sweet Italian Prosecco.

Will Workforbeer was able to attend their release event and submitted this review for your reading pleasure.
"Got to try this new release at Rabbit Hole Brewing's 1 year anniversary party in December.  First taste was very sweet with noticeable raspberry flavor.  Each taste afterward wasn't as sweet as the first and seemed to open up with each following sip.  While this beer was a little too sweet for my taste, hats off to Rabbit Hole for actually capturing the spirit of New Years Even in a beer.  That is a daunting task, and I can;t imaging any other beer pulling this off.  Well done. - Will Workforbeer

You may be able to find a few bottles of this still floating around and is worth the effort to try to find it, if for nothing else, as a collectors item.  Be safe and cheers - Bon

Rabbit Hole Brewing
608 Topeka Avenue
Justin, Texas

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