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Monday, June 20, 2016

Wild Acre Brewing, Fort Worth, Texas

The Snobs were invited to attend the launch event for the new Wild 
Acre Brewing opening soon in Fort Worth.  We asked our own St. 
Bernardus to attend and give his impressions of the new brews.

The number of craft breweries in Texas,especially the DFW area is
growing at a dizzying pace.  However, keeping track of this ever
expanding market was made a little easier this past Saturday
thanks to our friends at the Flying Saucer in Fort Worth, who
sponsored a launch party for the newly opened Wild Acre Brewing. 
The launch party featured their inaugural beer selection which is
made up of a nice cross section of different styles from light to dark. 
This included a wheat, an "indian" red ale and finally a stout, easily
accommodating the varying taste preferences among your local beer
snobs (as well as those who are just thirsty).

For this review, the first 
beer sampled was the 
Wild Acre Moonlight
Shine, an American 
Wheat Ale (5.7% abv). 
I found Moonlight 
Shine to be crisp,light, 
and refreshing, with 
subtle notes of citrus 
combined with bread 
giving it a flavor 
reminiscent of a Belgian style blonde (think Affligem). The finish is 
slightly hoppy leaving a mild bitter back, but not overly offensive.  
Moonlight Shine is a nice, fresh beer, perfect for the summer 
months,especially in the sweltering heat famous for Texas.  I 
understand that some minor retooling of the recipe is in the 
works with the expected results being a more pronounced 
vanilla aroma, but with little change in flavor from what I had.

Next up, Wild Acre 
Tarantula Hawk India 
Red Ale (6.5% abv) - 
Described as an “India 
Red Ale,” which as I 
understand, is more 
of a hybrid from your
traditional red ale. 
This beer is created 
from both Mosaic 
and Amarillo hops which account for both its reddish color and 
hoppy flavor with leanings more in the direction of what you 
would expect from an IPA rather than a Red Ale. While hoppy, 
it’s not in-your-face hoppy, and can be enjoyed by both hopheads 
and non-hopheads alike.  A nice balanced flavor that goes well 
with any occasion or food pairing.

For the finale I had 
the Soul Pleasure 
Southern Stout 
(6% abv) – When 
thinking of chocolate 
stouts, the first thing 
that usually comes to 
mind is abeer with a 
thick, heavy body and 
big flavor; a beer 
best suited for the 
cold winter months and enjoyed in a cozy, warm pub among 
friends. Soul Pleasure departs from that description a bit with 
a lighter, less turbid consistency yet imparting the subtle notes 
of chocolate and espresso you would expect to find in a chocolate 
stout.  The consistency reminds me of an Abita Turbo Dog, but 
with a more complex and refined flavor like that of say, Sam 
Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout. 

Their taproom and beer garden to open soon.  Finding Wild 
Acre Brewing should be easy enough, as they occupy some 5,000 
square feet of space at the facility formerly home to Ranch Style 
Beans just south of downtown.

Look for a new Lager to be released soon. - Cheers, St. Bernardus

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