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Monday, July 12, 2010

Pub Review - The Libertine Bar

The Libertine Bar

Did you ever go into the Corner Tap on Lower Greenville.  Awful, awful place with awful staff and awful customers, the kind of place you only go once, unless you are an awful person.  So when a friend invited us to join him there to watch a world cup match and have lunch I was hesitant to say the least.  Mother Goose!  Can you say 'transformation'?  Hell, I can!
The Bar is quite linear with a few tables along one wall and a decent sized bar along the other.  The tap selection is quite limited with only 8 selections, but fine selections they are.  (Except for Stella, but at least they didn't have Bud right next to the Stella, which would have been redundant, right?)  Maredsous 8, Old Chub, Brother Thelonious....amazing.  Their bottle selection is also quite impressive with an outstanding selection of Belgians.  By the middle of the second half I was already wondering how I was going to get home, so I decided to order something to eat to try to soak up some of my sinning.  Hallelujah and amen I am so happy I did!  I am not typically a fan up pub grub, which is usually fried stuff that the cooks prepare from giant bags of frozen crap from Sam's.  The sandwiches (good for soaking up quantities of beer) were superb.  Pulled pork with cole slaw served on a panini and a side of golden brown onion rings were just what the doctor ordered.  The barbeque sauce, served on the side, was best left in the container it was brought in however.  The sliced beef sandwich with sliced hanger steak, melted Gruyere and caramelized onions, au jus and horseradish mayo was served with thin, hot, crispy fries, yummmm.  Grilled Cheese with cheddar, american and muenster on farm house style bread, oh my!  Chicken pot pie with a biscuit crust that was so hot that it scorched the tongue.  I was like a hummingbird flitting from plate to plate, wielding my fork like Jack the Ripper on a Saturday night on Harry Hines, my friends shooing me away...begone pest...but I could not stop until I had sobered enough to notice that the match was long over...and Germany had won. 
Damn, missed the ending, but I didn't care.

The Libertine Bar
2101 Greenville Ave

Dallas, TX 75206

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