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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beer Review - Duvel Single

Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat Single - 6.8% ABV

Once upon a time there was a beer named Duvel Green.  Duvel Green was created to satisfy the growing demand for Belgian beers by the rather unsophisticated mass market beer drinkers.  Rather than create a beer that is really complex (made so by the second firmentation that occurs in the bottle) they chose to produce a beer that is created using only a single firmentation and meant to be served as a draft.  Perhaps the name of the beer was the reason that sales were so weak.  When I hear the term 'green beer' I either think if the dyed shite served on St. Patrick's day or the beer that I found under my car seat that may have been there for months that I tried to drink after deluding myself that it had been aging and not rotting and would be wonderful .... I was wrong.  Either way, green beer =  bad beer.

So the marketing geniuses at Duvel renamed the beer Single to describe the single firmentation that the beer goes through.  I fear that this beer was created to tap (get it?  tap?) into the success that Stella Artois has enjoyed for too long now.  The magnificence of the Belgian beers is their complexity, which this beer does not provide. 

The head pours large but dissapates fairly quickly leaving a medium head over the bright, golden ale that persists.  The suble aromas hint toward malts, citrus and hops, but not much more.  The flavor is rather boring ... some lemon, some bready malts, some hops and a bit dry.  HOWEVER if you are one of the zombies that still think that Stella Artois is a fine drink I thing that you would find this one a good match.

Duvel Moortgat USA
21 Railroad Avenue, Suite 32
Cooperstown, NY 13326

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