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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beer Review - Twisted Thistle English India Pale Ale

Belhaven Brewing Company Twisted Thistle - 5.3% ABV

Another shoulder season beer for you to try as you sit anxiously awaiting the Autumn beers to arrive is Twisted Thistle IPA from the mad Scotsmen at Belhaven Brewing Company.  The Dunbar, Scotland brewery produces some of my very favorite beers ... Belhaven Stout, Wee Heavy and my very, very favorite beer, Belhaven Scotch Ale.  The Twisted Thistle fits right along with the rest as a superb brew. 

Most English IPA's are tame with a plethora of malts and a bit of mild English hops to give the brews some interest.  This IPA is a bit more rugged that those of their neighbors to the south, much like the Scottish people themselves with the most interesting flavor in the beer coming from the peat smoked malts.

It pours a golden-orange and has a thin head that will persist for a bit.  The smell is quite floral with a bit of citrus and a bit of hops coming through.  You will taste a bit of malts, sweetness, grapefruit, malts and the Cascade hops which build up as the level of the beer drops and provide a bit of resin flavor.  The smokiness is quite subtle but noticable.

This is quite a fine session beer that should keep your tastebuds interested for 2 or 3 glasses and quite refreshing to boot.

The Belhaven Group
Spott Road
East Lothian
EH42 1RS

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