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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Restaurant Week 2011 - EllerbeFine Foods

Ellerbe Fine Foods

As I was saying, restaurants participating in KRLD Restaurant Week take very different approaches to serving the sweating, grunting masses of common folk invading their demesne for this massive charity event.  There are those like Stephen Pyle's who prepared a meal that could easily replicated by Denny's and then there are those who prepare fine dining in hopes of attracting new patrons.

We almost declined to make our reservation at Ellerbe when they demanded that we leave a credit card number informing us that if we 'no showed' we would be charged for the meal anyway.  But having heard great things about Chef Molly McCook’s kitchen talents we decided to push on.  Upon arriving we were ushered to a back room that was completely filled, which struck us as odd since the front room was completely empty.  We were presented with the RW menu and while the offerings sounded dandy we asked to see the regular menu out of curiosity at which point we were told that if we ordered from the regular menu, we both had to order from the regular menu and that we would be re-seated in the front room.  Odder and odder.  We came )( that close to walking but we looked around saw the other customers shoving the RW fare into their faces with great gusto.  So we stayed.

From this point on the experience made a 180 degree turn towards superb.  The staff was amazingly accomodating and our server, Alyssa was a doll. Friendly, competent and engaging.  The complimentary bread (we can forgive the fact that they sourced it from California) was served with fresh butter and Hawiian red salt.  Cool.
Our first course consisted of a Summer Zuchini and Basil soup containing Grana Padano, lemon zest and olive oil.  One of the finest soups that I have tasted all summer, delightful.  The Scott Farm Assorted Melon Salad was interesting enough to be an entree salad at most restaurants.  Arugula, with balsamic reduction, crumbled Valbreso feta, kalmata olives and nuts kept my taste buds dancing a jig. 

There was an option to purchase an order of Boudin balls which I jumped on as that we know that Chef McCook is from New Orleans and learned her secrets in her grandmother's kitchen on Ellerbe Street.  Light, subtlely flavored inside, crispy non-greasy crust on the outside left us debating if we should order a second round, luckily, the entrees arrived.

Corn Meal Crusted Redfish with Carter Farm Green Tomato Relish was what we both chose.  The fish was perfectly prepared and served on a bed of B&G Gardens Black-Eyed Pea sautee and Chiffonade Cabbage.  Oh.  My.  God.  Did we add the offered lump crab meat for $5?  You bet your ascot we did.  An astounding dish.

We finished with Maw Maw's Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce and Pralined Pecans.  You know how when you get a freshly made cinnamon roll and it has that crusty, crunchy, yummy crust?  And then the warm fluffy, bready inside?  Yeah, that's what this was, but it was bread pudding.  Not overly sweet with REAL whisky sauce.  Mother Goose.

You can be assured that we will return to Ellerbe Fine Foods, soon .... maybe tonight.

Ellerbe Fine Foods
1501 W Magnolia Avenue
Ft Worth, Texas 76104

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