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Friday, April 27, 2012

Beer Review - Augustiner Maibock

Brauerie Augustiner Munchen Maibock - 7% ABV

Those of you who have visited Munich have surely spent an afternoon sitting under the Chestnut trees in the Augustine beer garden. If you have not then you are probably not a beer lover, so why are you wasting your time reading this? Don't you have some shopping to do?

Augustiner Brau has been brewed in Munich since the year 1294. I'll let you think
about that for a minute. So for you history geeks, 818 years have passed since the Augustine Monks began their brewing, which was 818 years after the fall of the western Roman Empire. You may take the leap and guess that over the years they have perfected their brewing process. Bravo to you, you are correct. Spring in Germany means Maibock (also called Heller Bock) and it is flowing out of the taps in quantity.

The beer is quite light in color, like a lager with a bit of caramel coloring. So now take that lager and add some sweetness, some malt, take out much do the carbonation and you have a light, strong, delicious spring treat. Enjoy.

While you are there, be sure to try the traditional German foods which match up superbly with their beers.

Augustiner Beer Garden
Arnulfstrasse 52
80335 Munchen

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