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So we spend our time hopping from restaurant to restaurant and to every pub that we can find in search of the perfect meal and the perfect beer.

We randomly review restaurants and bars, dishes and beers at whim and give our brutally honest opinions of our findings. And while we concentrate on Dallas, we travel far and wide to sample cuisine from all regions of the country and beyond.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beer Review - Schneider Mein Grunes

Schneider Weiss Mein Grunes - 6.2%ABV

Schneider is one of the oldest breweries in the world and are credited for inventing the modern wheat beer. Wheat beer is all that they do, and they do it well. They are also on my top 5 list of favorite breweries, so when we stumbled across this cafe in Munich we felt inclined....nay, obligated to stop.

This spring wheat beer by Schneider was amazingly fresh. Yeah, I know, wheat beers are fresh, but this one is ├╝ber fresh. The beer has the normal depth of the Schneider beers, but then with added malts, sweetness and spices. Hops? Oh yes, hops are there. More than you usually find in a Schneider brew, but not so much that you still retain the bitterness long after the swallow. It tastes ... Green. Think of a Garden of a new, bright green herbs and vegetables, then rip them out of the ground and shove them in your beer. Fantastich!

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