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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beer Review - Alaskan Summer Ale

Alaskan Brewing Company Summer Ale - 5.3% ABV

The Kolsch style of beer comes to us from the lovely city of Cologne, Germany.  A Kolsch is warm fermented then cold lagered like several other northern European beers and are remiscent of the altbiers; you will probably notice the similarities.  They have a decent amount of hops but not as much as the typical German lager.  Malts are there as well, but not dominating.  I would say that the thing that defines the typical Kolsch in that nothing defines the Kolsch.  By that I mean that they are typically perfectly balanced so that neither the hops or the malts dominate.  It's Yin is balanced with it's Yang. 

The Alaskan Summer Ale is a really good representaion of the style with a fine traditional balance.  The mellow malts and slight sweetness are marvelous with the fresh flavor European and Northwest hops.  They come together to create a wonderfully refreshing beer for you to enjoy a hot summer day.  Low carbonation makes to a really easy drink so be careful to not fall off your boat, or bar stool, or .....

Alaskan Brewing Company5429 Shaune Dr.,
Juneau, Alaska

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