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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Restaurant Review - Dough

Dough Pizzeria

Perhaps you saw the episode of DDD where that bleached blonde, spikey haired twit visited Dough Pizzeria in San Antonio.  Of course, he raves about every dish at every restaurant he visits is 'money' so it is hard to take him seriously, but this restaurant really is special.  The original San Antonio branch also has obtained the rare approval of  L'Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana for serving authentic Pizza Napoletana.  At his juncture the Dallas branch has not attained the storied heights of the original, but having spoken to people who have eaten at both I must assume that they are, as I am told, identical. 

The space is open and light with busy staff bustling about with speed and purpose.  Our server, Danny, was enthusiatic, pleasant, energetic and attentive.  We were seated immediatly and though the staff was flying about we were not rushed or pressed in an attempt to 'turn the table'. The manager even stopped by to say hello and carry on a short, but pleasant conversation.  They also know their menu.  The well trained staff was very professional which is much appreciated.

The pizza was fantastic with ingredients and flavors much like I remember from an Italian vacation years ago.  The Puttanesca Pizza has tomato sauce, house-made Fior di Latte (mozzarella), rapini (broccoli rab), garlic, olives, hot pepper flakes, anchovy, extra virgin olive oil.  I quite like anchovies, but the anchovy in this one was put on a bit too thick and almost overpowered the mix.  However, the ingrediants were of a correct quantity so that the crust did not get soggy. 

The other pie was the daily special and was a white pizza with fontina and goat cheeses along with fingerling potatoes, Bresaola (a dried Italian beef) and sea salt.  Dandy.

Really good pizza and great service = return business.  The only down side of the evening for me is that the beer selection is rather poor.

Dough Pizzeria - Dallas
11909 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75230

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  1. Whoa there killer..... Enduring the "interview" process let alone being gallantly triumphant in order to get aired on DDD is worth the torrent review of any blogger. Spiky hair, "money," ratings... Yeah; granted, but the "diners" who get the property on camera are not exactly friends and family... Ya' dig? (And, YES... I'm a white guy in the event you queried the "dig" comment). In a nut shell…. It’s not easy to get on the show. Bah! Regardless, why the hell am I rambling on about spiky hair anyways?

    The point is… just like the German Purity Law (when it comes to beer) the Italians did the same with pizza – San Marzano tomatoes, Caputo flour, fresh mozza, 1/10” crust and basil?!? THAT’S some pure sh*t right there. Keep it simple… Works for beer, pizza, AND auto repair. Cheers -- JM