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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Restaurant Review - Lockhart Smokehouse

Lockhart Smokehouse, Oak Cliff

Semantics.  Nice word there, isn't it?  No, it has nothing to do with being Jewish, that is semitic.  Semantics is the study of subtle changes in work meanings, like the word 'smokehouse'.  There are those who think that a 'smokehouse' is the same as a BBQ joint, but they would be slightly wrong.  The Lockhart Smokehouse is slightly different than a regular Barbeque restaurant and I am pleased as hell that the owners know and recognized the difference. 

A typical BBQ restaurant serves smoked meat all right, but they probably will also serve roasted meats, or potatos, or a long string of sides and goodies lined up on a bar just past the meat.  It is not done that way at Lockhart, no sir.  At Lockhart you walk up to the counter and order meat.  "What kind of meat do you want"? the guy at the counter will ask, "and how much"?  They then cut the meat as per order, toss it in some butcher paper and you are done.  "Sides?  They are in that cooler over there".  Not 'which sides do you want', no no.  If you feel the need for a side you can buy a tub and take it with you, but not really as part of the meal.  Separate.  Oh, they will throw you on a couple of slices of white bread, but the sides, they are over there. 

While the quality of meat is undeniable, the quality of the smoke was not as apparent.  The Post Oak wood that they use only imparted a small, subtle smoke ring and flavor, kind of like they smoke time was a bit short, but the brisket was delicious nontheless.  I also thought that they used a bit too much sugar in their brisket rub, but the sugar does make a nice, black crust.  "The sausages are buy one get one today".  *Sigh* "I may as well eat those too" I thought .... and did .... and regretted it for hours.  Not because of the qualtiy, but because I was suffed like a 6 pound tamale.  The jalepeno chesse sausage is damn fine, too.  Yeah, I got a side .... the coleslaw with blue cheese was terrific with a bit of jalepeno and mustard hidden in the background.

This here place is a smokehouse, not a BBQ restaurant which may just be semantics.  If you are looking for meat coma, this is the place and enjoy the meat sweats that come with it. 

Oh yes, see if you can pick out the famous ex-pro soccer player who works there.

Lockhart Smokehouse
400 West Davis
Dallas, TX 75208

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