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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Battle of the Beers Part 2 - Stingo Ale

Boulevard Brewing & Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project Collaboration Stingo, 8.5% ABV
Samuel Smith's Stingo, 9% ABV

Stingo.  Until a few months ago I had never heard of this beer style whatsoever.  Then, out of the blue, I find not one, but two versions of this unknown strong ale. The ale is quite ancient and is mentioned in old English literature and specific to the Yorkshire area; Stingo is the kind of beer that gives beer historians wood.  The funny part is that these two breweries seem to be the only ones making it.

The flavor should be a bit sweet, rich, malty and strong and with a bit of sourness in the background.  Oh yes, and alcohol, lots of alcohol.  This is a magnificent style of beer and either one of these is great on it's own, but here are the comment from the snobs when asked to compared and choose a favorite in a head to head competition.

Samuel Smith's
- "Sweeter, very smooth, excellent."
- "Slightly sweet and creamy."
- "Sweet, more complex."
- "Not bitter and no aftertaste."
- "Great depth w/ carmel sweetness."
- "..because it's just better."

Boulevard Stingo
- "Bitter, complex and excellent.  I can't really decide which is better."
- "Caramel taste."

So, as you can see Samuel Smith's Stingo was preferred by the panel 6-2, but both were very well received and everyone agreed that they would buy either of these beers to enjoy at home.  You can find both of these at several location around town, but for how long...?

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