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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Restaurant Review - Our Favorite Sports Bar

Walk-On's Sports Bar

So there we were, out and about, driving around and decided that we should find a place to watch some Saturday football.  Since we were not really in our neck of the woods we were a bit flummoxed.  Yelp and Trip Advisor are, as you are well aware, fairly worthless for finding good sports pubs since no matter where you go Buffalo Wild Wings sits at the top of the list.  But the guy at the gas station, he knows where to go.

What is it that you expect to find in a sports bar?  TVs, duh. Yep, Walk On's has TVs.  Dozens of TVs in fact.  HD in every direction. 

Beer?  Yep, and not just fissy pissy water, they have a large selection of regional brews that will satisfy most every taste. 

Great service?  Hordes of pretty women (Hi Christy!) who are actually nice, competent and personable.

Good food?  Oh my, here is the magic of Walk On's.  Oh sure, you can get wings, but imagine if you will instead, a gumbo.  No, not a can of Campbell's gumbo dumped in a bowl and freshly nuked, just for you.  This gumbo is made in house and made with duck and andouille sausage.  Dark,rich and delightful with a thin layer of grease floating on top.  How about shrimp, stuffed with an oyster, wrapped in bacon and fried.  Yes, you can get that.  Oh, you want a burger?  How about a burger stuffed with bacon and cheese.  You heard me right, the cheese and bacon are stuffed inside the frigging patty.  Holy poop on a stick.  Something lighter?  Try fresh, blackened mahi on a wheat bun with chipotle mayo.  Lighter still?  The seared Ahi Tuna salad has ahi set upon Napa cabbage with mixed greens, avocao, mango, peppers, fresh jalepeno, cilantro, edamame and a sesame dressing.  Pastas, wraps, po-boys ... and so much more.

I can't tell you a how much we enjoyed our afternoon and how much we enjoyed the experience of Walk-On's, but I can tell you that I will return.

Oh, there is one HUGE problem with Walk--On's that you should know about ... it's in Lafayette and you will need to drive about 7 hours to get there.  Rat fart.  You can visit their locations in Baton Rough or New Orleans if you wish as well.

Walk-On's Bistreaux and Bar
2336 Kaliste Saloom Road
Lafayette, LA 70508

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