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Monday, December 10, 2012

Beer Review - Saison du Buff

Dogfish, Victory and Stone Breweries collaboration Saison du Buff - 7.7% ABV

Mmmmm ..... Saison.  Damn I love a good Saison.  The saison began as a pale ale brewed by farm workers for drinking in the hot summer while they worked in the field.  They often would add spices to the brew for a change of pace but you could always count on a saison to be fruity, bready, carbonnated and delicious.  Most saisons these days are tyified by bready, earthy Belgian yeasts and are subtle and fresh.

This version is also called Scarborough Faire Saison due to the addtion of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, and I could not wait to give it a taste.  'Surely', I thought, 'Surely these breweries (all of which are known for their hops) wouldn't try to overhop something as subtle as this."  I should have known better.  Parsley?  Not evident.  Sage?  No way to know.  Rosemary?  No clue.  Thyme?  Who can say?  Cascade hops?  Oh yes, yes indeed.  Why these guys would call this a saison is beyond me.  Why they would waste adding the herbs is even farther from comprehension, because unless you have a really perceptive palate you will never know that they are there.

Do you like Victory Golden Monkey?  If so you will likely enjoy this beer, but if it is a saison you are after just skip on to Saison DuPont or Boulevard Tank 7.  The overpowering hops makes this more of an IPA and a not very inspired one at that.  I really can't recommend this beer.  Cheers.

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