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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Event Review - Christmas Beer Tasting

Idle Rich Christmas Beer Tasting

This event is rapidly becoming an annual holiday tradition with the snobs.  7 Christmas beers and a cheese tray for only $25.00.  This year's selection included a mix of old world traditions and new world flavors.  Anchor 2011 ("Smooth, not as hoppy as expected", "Dry and mellow") and Anchor 2012 ("Watery", "Nothing special), Avery Jubilation ("Hoppy as a hell", "Good ale, but not really a Christmas ale") and Sierra Celebration ("Hoppy and dry", "..tastes like a Christmas tree") represented the American holiday beers.  Delirium Noel ("Slightly sour and slightly sweet, nice balance", "I would go out of my way to find this beer), Scaldis Noel ("Dark fruits and sneaky alcohol", "Tastes like Christmas") and St. Bernardus Christmas ("Boinggg", "This is what Christmas should taste like","&*$#@ this is a good beer") representing the old world styles.

The relaxed atmosphere was created by allowing you to arrive whenever you like and to drink at your own pace.  You want to slam and dash?  No problem.  You want to hang out, sip and talk beer with the other geeks?  No problem there either. 

The most surprising discovery of the evening was the crowd, who were mostly women.  Tables full of females sipping, discussing, photographing and taking notes about what they were enjoying.  No longer is beer the realm of the grunting, sweating male.  Oh you can still find them, hanging out in parking lots swilling their fizzy, watery beers.
"Look, I drank 42 beers!" 
"What kind?" 
As that more than half of the population are women it is in the direct interest of the craft beer movement to attract and involve that ignored segment of the beer drinking market.  I was so very surprised by the demographics of the event and am so very pleased to see our better half enjoyng the evening, without my fellow knuckly draggers.  Bravo ladies.

The Idle Rich Pub
2614 McKinney Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204

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