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Monday, December 10, 2012

Restaurant Review - Taco Republic

Taco Republic

So there I was in Richardson a few days ago around lunch and thought that I would drop by an old haunt.  Lo and behold the restaurant was no longer there, which is not so odd in our world, but the shopping center that it was a part of was also no longer there.  Bare dirt, except for this lone outpost.  Oh boy, another taqueria.  But it was noon and I was famished so in I went.  Stand in line, order a taco, wait for you name to be shouted out, eat.  Yeah, we've seen this before. 

I ordered the 3 Taco Platter which included the Baha, a fish taco on a corn tortilla, the Tinga Chicken which is also served on a corn tortilla, and the Street taco which is brisket, french fries on a flour tortilla.

The fish on the Baha taco was grilled perfectly, tender and juicy and delicious.  TheTinga chicken, which is chicken stewed in veggies and spices, was wet, leaving a puddle on the tray.  Wonderful.  The Street taco fries were crispy McDonald's style fries in the taco with the tender brisket and a spicy cream sauce.  Dandy.  Maybe, just maybe, that tacos are like sex .... even when they are bad the are pretty damn good .... nevermind, I forgot Taco Bell *shudder*.  I don't know that I would make this a destination restaurant but next time I am in Richardson at lunch I will not hesitate to stop.

One more thing, skip the chips and salsa.  Waaaaaayy too much salt. 

Taco Republic
760 South Central Expressway
Richardson, TX 75080

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