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Monday, November 4, 2013

Beer Review - Martin House There Will Be Stout

Martin House Brewing Company "There Will Be Stout" - 6.5% ABV

Have you tried any of the Martin House beers from Fort Worth yet?  There Will Be Stout is my first Martin House beer and I have only one comment ... "What in the hell took me so long"? 

Have you seen these kids?  Mother Goose!  I have underwear older than these Martins.  They shouldn't have been able to develop a palate to appreciate full flavored, full bodied beer at their age..  They shouldn't have been able to, but they did.  Anna and Cody Martin along with Dave Wedemeier founded Martin House in late 2011 with the credo of fellowship and good times.  As with most of your better brewers they started making beer in their garage and have grown as their beer becomes more popular and sales increase.  The passion that they have for brewing is evident in the beer.

There Will be Stout is described as a 'pretzel stout' made with 6 pound of pretzels added to each barrel of brew.   Let me tell you what else it is, it's a malt bomb with a face full of flavor.  The chocolate malted and roasted barley help in giving it a chocolaty, coffee taste that compliments the thick, yeasty texture provided by the pretzel.  It is thick, black and chewy.  I am tempted to drop some vanilla ice cream in this one to make a beer float.  The salt from the pretzels is barely recognizable in the background but does add some interest. 

Whereas they call this a stout (the dryness that you would normally find in a stout has been replaced by sweetness) I would be more tempted to place this in the Porter category based on taste and not the brewing process.  Nonetheless it is quite magnificent and we enjoyed it so much that it is now in our top 10 favorite beers produced in north Texas..... nah, make that in the top 5.  You can only find this on tap around the DFW area but find it you should.

Martin House Brewing Company
220 S. Sylvania Ave.
Suite 209
Fort Worth, Texas 76111

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