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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Booze Themed Books

I saw several Christmas ales in the stores this week.  Damn, I loves me some Christmas ales.  How do you know which holiday and winter ales to try?  Of course you can read here to find out about a few of them, but there are literally hundreds and I am not sure that my liver would hold out long enough to try them all.  Sure, you can do internet research to find your choices, but I am going to recommend that you 'old school' it.  "Huh?" you say.  Books.  Faster and easier to thumb through a book than go through hundreds of internet sight being bombarded with annoying adds that slow your machine to a crawl. 

Blanca Olivieri reached out to me recently and recommended a few for you to peruse.

The Pocket Beer Guide by Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb is the most extraordinary, comprehensive, and current guide to a variety of beers from around the world, from tradition favorites to exciting new discoveries! Experts Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb provide tasting notes on an amazing selection of brews, complete with information on international breweries and each beer’s key characteristics.  Useful tips such as great places to drink the beers when you are in the relevant country are also included in this easy-to-tote essential guide.
The Complete Beer Course by Joshua Bernstein lends a helping hand to all beer drinkers confused by the dizzying array of available draft beers. This thoroughly up-to-date, comprehensive, and utterly witty beer course (the only one currently in print) demystifies the sudsy stuff and breaks down the elements that make a beer’s flavor spin into distinctively different and delicious directions. With this “boot camp for beer geeks,” you’ll go from novice to expert in just twelve easy-to-follow classes! So loosen your lips and try one beer after another, and another.  Sneak peek:
American Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye by Clay Risen, New York Times editor, is the only guide devoted solely to US-made whiskey, rye, and bourbon. Arranged as an A-to-Z directory by distillery and/or maker, it offers brief histories, ratings, and tasting notes for more than 200 types of American whiskey. Each main account includes the name and address of the maker along with vibrant color images of the bottles. Discerning drinkers will savor this one of a kind book!
World’s Best Ciders by Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw gives you everything you need to know about the latest craft “hard cider” trend. Featuring in-depth explanations and tasting notes, it reveals all you need to know about the cider-making process, procedures, and breweries across the globe. Recipes for cider-based dishes and beautifully photographed images of cider centers around the world complete this phenomenal guide. Sneak peek:
We hope that you’ll consider sharing these titles with your readers. If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
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