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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beer Review - Adelscott

Brasserie Fischer Adelscott - 5.8% ABV

I first discovered this beer in 1998 while attending World Cup matches in France.  At the same time I was attempting to drink one of every kind of beer that the bar down the street from our hotel had, and they had a lot.  Sometime while playing the game of Wheel of Dumbass I stumbled across one that left a lasting impression....Adelscott, which was the first smoked beer that I ever tasted as well.  Indeed, I enjoy the beer so much that it is the first beer I order on subsequent visits to France.
Trying to find out information about where Adelscott is made is quite a task.  Fischer Brewery was founded in Strasbourg in 1821 but relocated to Schiligheim in 1854.  They began producing Adelscott in 1982 and was the first beer using smoked whiskey malts to flavor their beer.  This style of beer has been copied by many and has become so popular that the smoked beer is now it's own sub-category.  Brasserie Fischer was bought in 1996 by the Heinekin group and thus far they have managed to not ruin the beer, even though they closed the brewery in 2009 and split the operation to 2 different breweries.  They have also watered down the beer so that the flavors are not as intense and the ABV has dropped from 6.4% to 5.8%, but still it remains quite drinkable.  Have I ever mentioned that I am not a fan of Heinekin?

Adelscott is in fact a lager with the smoked whiskey malts supplying the color and flavor.  It is malty and a bit sweet and a bit sticky as well with little in the way of hops showing up but a bit of bitterness supplied by the smokiness.  If you like whiskey and 7 you will probably like this beer.  It would make a decent session beer if you can find it here.

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